Star Conflict 1.3.14v: Imperial Might

Pilots! The race for destroyer Vigilant is coming to an end! Less than a week is left until the end of production of the high-rank Empire destroyer Vigilant.

Situation in the sectors remains tense. UMC engineers decided to change some parameters of weapons and modules of the Empire’s destroyer Vigilant


Now the Vigilant destroyer’s weapory has become even more powerful! The Empire fleet leader is ready to show its superpowers on the battlefield!
Weapons: Vacuum-resonant laser

  • Now, Vigilant’s unique laser further damages all enemies in the vicinity of a beacon when it’s hit directly
  •  Base weapon damage increased by 20%
  •  Area damage increased by 20%
  • Area damage effect is now applied when keeping the beam on the target for more than 0.5 sec.

Active module: Remote minelayer

  • Mine explosion damage increased by 30%

Special module: Spatial stabilizer

  • When activated, the module locks the ship’s position in space.Weapon damage now increases by 80%
  •  Weapon range in this mode is increased by 15%
  • Module cooldown time reduced from 15 sec. to 5 sec.

Reminding all pilots! Corporation ‘Ellydium’ announced their own unique projects using Alien technology. In this regard, shipyards are going to produce rank 14 Empire destroyers only for a limited time. And soon they will be repurposed for production of fundamentally new ships. Vigilant ship production will be halted.
Complete all special assignments. This will help you build the destroyer Vigilant before its production is suspended!

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