Star Conflict 1.3.14: Phase Three

Star Conflict 1.3.14: Phase Three
Every day the large-scale winter offensive on Alien sectors is getting closer! It’s time to asemble your maximum fleet strength before ‘Ellydium’ corporation reveals new Alien secrets.


Cryptogram BBIМ48-100542
From: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ Security Service Natasha Cortes
To: Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ station Dr. Conrad Dimeni
Subject: Project Evolution

We learned the details of the incident in block 502, compartment RG7. According to an internal investigation, during experiments on the interaction of cesium atoms with the surface of a ‘control sample’, gross violation of safety led to an uncontrollable chain reaction, followed by a release of energy and dangerous radiation. Analysis of existing records gives us new opportunities for using the ‘samples’. Including construction of ships. 

Unfortunately, information leaks from ‘Ellydium Theta’ continue, and the information on the experiment became available to intelligence services of potential partners. 

Acting Head of ‘Ellydium Theta’ Security Service Natasha Cortes


Commissioning of rank 14 destroyers significantly changed the balance of forces in the fringe sectors. The leading corporations began the race for construction of destroyers, of the new and the previous generations. Shipyards were overwhelmed with orders. The time allotted to Federation and Jericho destroyers has ended. Imperial intelligence agencies have opened all the necessary tech information required to build destroyers of the highest rank for public access. The new ships will have unique weaponry and active modules. Each destroyer is the combination of many years of experience and top tier technology of the metropolis.

Corporation ‘Ellydium’ announced their own unique projects using Alien technology. In this regard, shipyards are going to produce rank 14 Empire destroyers only for a limited time. And soon they will be repurposed for production of fundamentally new ships. 

With this update a new rank 14 Empire destroyer becomes available to all pilots. We remind you that destroyers are a new class of fire support ships with significant fire power that can use additional energy shields and special weapons. 

All new destroyers are of the Suppressor class.
    Rank 14 destroyers have 9 modifications slots
    To build 14 destroyers you need a special ingredient — Electrum.
        Electrum can be obtained as a reward for completing UMC tasks
        Electrum can be obtained in special container bundles
        Electrum can be obtained as a reward during post-battle trophy search.
    You also need a unique component — Empire destroyer activators
[Space = 80] Empire activators can be obtained as a reward for completing The Broker’s tasks
[Space = 80] Empire activators can be obtained as a reward for sending destroyers to war via A. Gage

Empire Destroyer Vigilant

Class: Suppressor Class Destroyer
Allegiance: Empire
Rank: 14

A beautiful example of imperial ship production, the destroyer Vigilant was developed by order of the Inquisition, as a response to sharply increased activity of the Revenant cult. The project was personally supervised by special agent Miranda del Arte. The Inquisition is well acquainted with the activities of the Order. The two organizations that since have undergone a huge metamorphosis, faced each other in the days of the old Direktoriua. Despite the initially narrow specification, Vigilant proved to be a versatile combat machine. It was soon adopted and the blueprints have been presented to UMC.

Features of rank 14 Empire destroyers
    Accumulates 5% free synergy
    Hull durability 127 600 units
    Shield volume 18 000 units
    Capacitor charge 3 400 units
    Weapon damage increased by 7%
    Additional bonuses for increasing synergy level
        Upon reaching level 2: increased resistance to thermal damage
        Upon reaching level 4: choose one of three during assembly
        Upon reaching level 8: choose one of three during assembly

Special module: Beam destructor
Deals damage increasing over time. The target also loses 167 energy units per second. The module stops working if the distance to the target increase by more than 600 m.

Weapons: Vacuum resonance laser
Unique weapon available only to Vigilant destroyer. If you keep the beam on the target for more than 1 sec., the target and all enemies within a 500 m. radius receive additional damage for 5 seconds.

Active module: Remote minelayer

A unique active module available only to the Vigilant ship. It produces a self-propelled mine activated with a collision or on a timer. After activation the mine is invisible. Triggers if the target is moving away from it within a detonation radius of 500 meters or after 120 seconds.

CPU modifier: Vulnerability Detector
Unique modifier available only to the Vigilant ship. Decreases resistance to damage by 30 pts. for all enemies within a radius of 2200 meters. 
    You can mount only one modifier of this type on a destroyer

Jericho Destroyer Tyrant

Jericho rank 14 Destroyer Tyrant is no longer available for construction. All shipyards will focus on the production of only one type of rank 14 destroyers. At the moment it is the imperial destroyer Vigilant.

    Tyrant destroyer is discontinued[/ space]
    Existing destroyers will stay with their owners
    Destroyer conversion remains available

Unique special module: Warp Reflector for Tyrant
  Cooldown time increased from 5 sec. to 7 sec.

Changes to Destroyer and destroyer module parameters
Changed Destroyer rotation speed:
    Pitch speed reduced from 12 to 11 deg/sec
    Roll speed reduced from 20 to 18 deg/sec

Active module: Photon Emitter
Improved power consumption by 25%
    Shifted the range of acceptable module ranks:
             Photon Emitter 13 is now available to ranks 9 through 13
             Photon Emitter 15 is now available to ranks12 through 15
    Damage reduced by 5%

Broker missions
UMC reports that during ‘Phase Three’ all the Broker missions with destroyer components as rewards will be available for 2 days. We recommend that all pilots carefully track all the tasks from UMC. This will help them get exclusive tech as quickly as possible!

Improved a number of texts and descriptions
Improved several visual effects

Bug fixes
Fixed descriptions of some modules
Fixed animation of Gauss cannons
Fixed various bugs on maps
Fixed double image on the integrated graphics Intel HD 500 (Skylake)

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**Star Conflict 1.3.14 Update #1**



Pilots! An important technical update has been installed on our servers.  We have reorganized the game client’s file storage systems and optimized work under  Linux OS.


Good luck in battles!



Yours faithfully,

Star Conflict team