Star Conflict 1.3.13: Phase two

Star Conflict 1.3.13: Phase two
The large-scale autumn-winter offensive against the Alien Sector wutg all the pilots of Star Conflict continues. It’s time to start the second phase of the operation. We remind you that in the near future all the shipyards will be converted for the production of a single type of rank 14 destroyers. In this regard, the production of the new Federation interceptor Nightingale will also be stopped soon.


Cryptogram:  BBIМ47-100124
From : Acting CEO of corporation ‘Ellydium Theta’ Dr. Conrad Dimeni
To : Personnel on station ‘Ellydium Theta’
Subject: Project A.L.I.E.N.

Employees of ‘Ellydium’ corporation! Team!

Launch of the secret project was not our finest hour. There are some things that we could do better:
Our new development does not yet meet the highest standards of ‘Ellydium’ corporation — it clearly needs more time and testing.

We’re taking take a number of steps to learn from this experience, to improve our products which our customers love. One of the steps that I can share with you is the fact that the staff at ‘Ellydium Theta’" station will now also report to Natasha Cortes, who previously headed the Empire’s security service in fringe sectors. In his new position she is going to be the Deputy Corporation Head for production and will report directly to me.

The future of our secret projects is both exciting and ambitious, and we will try to do something special we can all be proud of by the end of this year.

_ Acting CEO of corporation ‘Ellydium Theta’ Dr. Conrad Dimeni _


Despite the fact that Alien pressure in fringe sectors declined significantly, the situation remains critical. Communication with the metropolises is basically lost. We receive fragmented signals from the inhabited worlds. According to the information received, Aliens dealt their main blow to the core worlds of Empire, Federation, and Jericho. Some systems, apparently were lost completely. There is no communication with the capital systems. We only managed to receive signals from the border areas and surviving military bases. 

The surviving military units were able to pass the blueprints andcharts for rank 14 destroyers, as well as unique new weapons and active modules. Unfortunately, shipyards can be focused on the production of only one type of rank 14 destroyers.

Documentation fro destroyers has also been transferred from Jericho area. Its rank 14 destroyer is already available to pilots!

Other new ships and destroyers will be available to pilots once all the necessary documentation is received in full. 

With this update a new rank 14 Jericho destroyer becomes available to all pilots. We remind you that destroyers are a new class of fire support ships with significant fire power that can use additional energy shields and special weapons. 

All new destroyers are of the Suppressor class.
    Rank 14 destroyers have 9 modifications slots
    To build 14 destroyers you need a special ingredient — Electrum.
        Electrum can be obtained as a reward for completing UMC tasks.
        Electrum can be obtained in special container bundles.
        Electrum can be obtained as a reward during post-battle trophy search.
    You also need a unique component — Jericho destroyer activators.
        Jericho activators can be obtained as a reward for completing UMC tasks.

Jericho Destroyer Tyrant

Class: Suppressor Class Destroyer
Allegiance: Jericho
Rank: 14

The first Jericho destroyer, Tyrant was created in XLII century, shortly before the third Bartle sector war. It was created under the watchful eye of the Oracles to oppose the imperial Invincible. The powerful Tyrant was used in conjunction with low-tonnage vessels during raids on undefended colonies deep in the rear of the former ‘Direktorium’. Despite the age of the destroyer, most of its parameters are up to modern standards, and in some ways even surpass them.

Features of rank 14 Jericho destroyers
    Accumulates 5% free synergy
    Hull durability 81 000 units
    Shield volume 48 000 units
    Capacitor charge 3 600 units
    Faster shield regeneration (+90 units per second) compared to destroyers of other factions
    Reduced energy costs for activation of ‘Static field’ compared to other factions
    Additional bonuses for increasing synergy level
        Upon reaching level 2: increased resistance to kinetic damage
        Upon reaching level 4: choose one of three during assembly
        Upon reaching level 8: choose one of three during assembly

Special module: Warp-reflector
Accumulates charge when receiving damage. When activated, the charge dels significant damage to enemies within 3 250 m. Not more than 1 target can receive damage from one activation. Damage depends on target size. The bigger the target, the more damage it receives. At the same time the destroyer’s shield is partially restored.

Weapons: Thermoactive weapon
Unique weapon available only to Tyrant destroyer. Inflicts kinetic damage and increases the chance of critical damage as the weapon heats up. The closer the gun to overheating — the higher the chance of critical damage.

Active module: Isotope Harvester
Unique module available only for Tyrant ship. A special drone generates a field with 500 m. radius. The drone begins to approach the destroyer at a given rate, dealing damage to all enemies who get in the field. The damage is greater against the enemies closer to the drone. Upon arrival to the ship the drone recovers shields proportionally to the damage caused. 

Shield modifier: Warp-stream detector
A special modifier. Mounted only on the Tyrant.
When an enemy dies in a radius of 2000 meters, the destroyer’s shields are partially restored.


The pride and power of the Federation fleet — the rank 14 destroyer Sirius is no longer available for construction. All shipyards will focus on the production of only one type of rank 14 destroyers. At the moment this is the Jericho destroyer — Tyrant
    Sirius destroyer discontinued
    Existing destroyers will stay with their owners
        Destroyer conversion remains available

Game Modes
Team Battle
    Changed the number of reinforcement points:
        For 4 players: 20
        For 8 players: 25
        For 12 players: 35
        For 16 players: 40
        For 20 players: 45
        For 24 players: 50

    Changed the number of reinforcement points:
        For 4 players: 20
        For 8 players: 25
        For 12 players: 35
        For 16 players: 40
        For 20 players: 45
        For 24 players: 50

Fire support andDefence contract
    Now the reward depends on how many waves of enemies the pilots are able to defeat
    The full reward is issued only if the mission is fully passed and the pilot survives

Weapons and modules
Crystal plates
    Increased starting damage resistance value
    Changed the dynamics of resistance growth
Destabilizing Field
    Changed the dynamics of dealing damage to ships that left the projectile’s active range
    Safe speed threshold for this ship raised to 30% of maximum

Now for the pilots to feel more like at home a new Workshop window is opening, where you can produce the detail you need.

Improved a number of texts and descriptions
Visibility for long-range frigates under the influence of radio-field is limited to 1500 meters
Improved some interfaces
You can now mount weapons and modules on ships while waiting for a battle
Improved several visual effects
Improved several sound effects
Refined models of some weapons

Bug fixes
Fixed completion conditions for ‘Armada: Destruction’
Fixed a bug with spending a nonexistent Duplicator
Fixed display of enemy ship bonuses
Fixed a bug with display of effects in battle chat
Fixed a bug with ammo selection upon installation of an upgradeable weapon
Refined descriptions of several modules
Fixed a bug with display of ship purchase price
Fixed position of guns on Templar type ships
Fixed a bug of Metastable field on ECM interceptors
Fixed a bug with active modules affecting certain objects
    Modules Pyro-emitter, Repelling beam and Destabilizing field now deal damage to all enemy objects
Improved position of ship spawn points on some Open Space maps
Fixed a rare bug with PvE mission crashes

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