Star Conflict 1.3.12: Phase One

Star Conflict 1.3.12: Phase One

With this update, we are starting the fall and the winter offensive on Alien sectors together with Star Conflict pilots. In the coming months, new ships will be available to all pilots: a Federation interceptor, a Jericho fighter, an Imperial frigate and rank 14 destroyers — the maximum rank for this class of ships. Pilots will get new weapons and unique active modules. New missions and new game modes will also become available. You will see a large number of other important changes. But the main event will be the great winter update, traditionally released on the New Year’s eve. It’s time to start the first phase of the operation.

Cryptogram BBIM22-100104
From: Natasha Cortez
To: Acting CEO of ‘Ellidium Theta’ Dr. Conrad Dimeni
Subject: Project A.L.I.E.N.

My department’s investigation conducted immediately upon arrival in the ‘Leviathan’ sector has shown that the schedule was disrupted by a deeply and thoroughly conspiratorial group. The station’s launch is delayed for several months.
It’s possible the group was led by so-called ‘Revenants’. Unfortunately, the key figures of the group self-destructed before we were able to get to them. The investigation is ongoing.   

_ Head of ‘Ellidium Theta’ security service Natasha Cortes _


We can see Aliens easing the pressure in all the main areas of conflict. Routes to internal areas have been partially restored. The information network is still unstable. Several commercial companies are going to organize charter flights to Metropolis shortly. Fringe sectors are still in the Aliens’ area of ??attention. 

Metropolis is providing all pilots with new ships. Including rank 14 destroyers! As well as unique new weapons and modules. New ships and destroyers will be available to pilots when the Metropolis receives all the necessary documents. At the moment, only the Federation provided the documentation. And its ships, including a rank 14 destroyer are already available to pilots!


With this update a new rank 14 Federation destroyer becomes available to all pilots. We remind you that destroyers are a new class of heavy fire support ships with significant fire power that can use additional energy shields and special weapons.

    All new destroyers are of the Suppressor class
    Rank 14 destroyers have 9 modifications slots
    To build these destroyers you need a special ingredient — Electrum 
        Electrum can be obtained as a reward for completing UMC tasks
        Electrum can be obtained in special container bundles

Federation destroyer Sirius

The first ‘public’ Sirius destroyer was designed and developed in the mega-popular show ‘The Shipyad’, whose ratings broke all records. Thirty engineers competed for six months for the right to be called ‘King of the Shipyard’, the outcome was decided by viewer voting. Military leadership initially could not believe the success of the project, but gave permission to use one of its shipyards, when producers collected the required amount of credits on a crowdfunding platform. To everyone’s surprise, Sirius was not only a high-quality ship, powerful and reliable machine, but at also relatively inexpensive to manufacture. After the show, Sirius was put into service, and its blueprints were submitted to UMC. Currently, the producers are raising money for a second season of the project.

Class: Suppressor Class Destroyer
Allegiance: Federation
Rank: 14

Features of rank 14 Federation destroyers
    Hull durability 87 000 units
    Shield strength 36 000 units
    20% higher speed compared to destroyers of other factions
    15% faster ship turns compared to destroyers of other factions
    You can place 3 ‘static shields’ compared to 2 in destroyers of other factions
    Increased energy capacity and regeneration speed compared to destroyers of other factions
    Additional bonuses for increasing synergy level
        Upon reaching level 2: increased resistance to EM damage
        Upon reaching level 4: reduced time to overheat / reduced spread and increased rate of fire
        Upon reaching level 8: an additional set of suppressor class destroyer module upgrades

Special module: ‘Attila’ Targeting Complex
Charge is accumulated at 90% of maximum speed. Full charge allows you to activate the module. Upon activation weapon damage increases by 40% for 5 seconds.

Active module: ‘Destabilizing Field’
Active destroyer module. Deals damage over time to targets in range and destabilizes their engines. While the target flies faster than 20% of max. speed, it receives 1717 DPS.

Active module: ‘Hybrid missile’
Launches a missile with a hybrid warhead. After the detonation, a drone activates at the detonation point and deals damage to enemies in range.

Active module: Repelling Beam  
Suppressor class destroyer active module. Produces a special beam of nanoparticles, which pushes enemies away in its direction The closer the target, the stronger the effect. Target’s hull loses 5% of its max value each second. 

Engine modifier ‘Augmented Cooler’
This engine modifier can only be installed on the ship ‘Sirius’. Engine cooling system additionally cools weapons. Weapon heating speed reduced by 30.6%. 

Federation Interceptor Nightingale

This ship is a direct reflection of the ideology of the Federation: graceful shape of the hull, expensive materials, high speed and ease of controls. Interceptor design has been specifically chosen to ensure maximum effect of unique stealth vehicle systems.  The modified reactor of grade ‘LI -12.5’ allows to develop very high speed and efficient redirection of excess energy in comparison with its analogues.  From its technological generation, Nightingale is the best choice for experienced pilots who are accustomed to act quickly and without fanfare. 

Class: Scout Interceptor
Allegiance: Federation
Rank: 8

Alternative special module: Phase Jump
Upon activation the ship jumps 1200 meters forward and becomes invisible to radars for 7 seconds

Weapon: ‘Drone Marker’
A unique weapon only for the ship ‘Nightingale’. Kinetic damage. Fires projectiles carrying scout drones. Upon hitting the target the drones show its position to all allies and prevent it from going invisible for 5 seconds.  

Active module: ‘Masking station’
The module produces a special station, which creates a field, masking allied ships within a radius of 1 000 meters. If an allied ship shoots, launches missiles or uses modules, it becomes visible. The station is visible to everyone.
    The module can only be installed on the ship ‘Nightingale’

Engine modifier: ‘MHD generator’
At 90% of maximum ship speed, each installed module increases weapon damage.
    The module can only be installed on the ship ‘Nightingale’
    Only one modifier of this type can be active

The new ship can be assembled with a special resource — ‘ship components’
    For ship assembly you need components of the ship that you want to build
    Ship components can be found in ‘trophy search’ after battles in PvP, PvE and Co-op
    Also by completing UMC tasks within ‘Star Marathon’
    Required ship components are available in special container-bundles
    Bundles with ship components can be purchased immediately. To do this, click the ‘Buy’ button under the ship icon

Rules for premium ship components:
    To get ship parts within the ‘Star Marathon’ the ship you are flying into battle must be of the same rank as the items you’re collecting or higher
    For details of the ship during the “search box” after the battles in PvP mode, the PvE and CO-OP ship on which you are flying into battle, must be of the same rank and collected details
    Only vessels with maximum level of synergy are taken into account
    If you launch into battle only on suitable ships, the chance of getting the required components will be the highest
    If you don’t take any suitable ship, the chance to get a premium ship component equals zero

Sending destroyers to war

Attention, pilots! UMC coordinator Arthur Gage announces that he urgently requires mercenaries who have battle destroyers as part of their fleets to carry out his tasks. Several employers who wished to remain anonymous, are ready to pay those pilots who provide their combat-capable destroyers for special missions.

    For providing a rank 8 destroyer pilots will receive three additional units of a rare resource Electrum needed to produce rank 14 destroyers
    For providing a rank 11 destroyer pilots will receive five additional units of a rare resource Electrum needed to produce rank 14 destroyers

New Broker missions

UMC announces the start of special missions, dedicated to building rank 14 destroyers. The Broker has contacted UMC. His employers are interested in the study of destroyer construction technologies and are ready to generously pay for mercenary participation. Here’s his new missions:
    Destroy or help destroy three enemy destroyers in any PvP combat
        As a reward you will get neodium or beryllium
    Destroy 5 enemy ships in any PvP battle, using a destroyer
        As a reward you get a valuable resource electrum required to build rank 14 destroyers  

Improvements in weapon and module upgrade system

Weapon and module upgrade system has become clearer, and pilots can now easily monitor their progress in Star Conflict, both micro-aims and global objectives. Module upgrading is now more visual and most importantly, has become much easier! Especially for rookie pilots.

The process of upgrading modules and weapons:
    All module upgrades from Mk2 to MK4 will be made for loyalty vouchers and credits
    Upgrades to Mk5 level can only be done in the workshop. The pilot chooses which module he wants to upgrade and activates its research
    After activation the module is placed in the appropriate slot on the ship. If the module is removed from the slot, the research process will stop
    The player can research only one module at a time
    The player starts earning loyalty vouchers in battles
    When research progress reaches 100% the player can immediately improve the module’s level for credits
    In order to accelerate the research, you can use the loyalty of the current factions. First the system uses the loyalty accumulated in the module, then the loyalty of the appropriate fractions
    The research process can be accelerated with GS. In this case, the system uses the loyalty in the module first and then the pilot pays for the missing loyalty
    The cost of accelerating research with GS decreases depending on the number of missing loyalty
    When accelerating research for GS the player receives the next Mk version of the module immediately without paying credits
    Acceleration of research for GS no longer gives a bonus to the module’s synergy
    Mk2 and MK4 upgrade kits will be removed from the game

Please note! This is extremely important!  
    In case of stopping research, the progress is stored in the module and can be resumed at any time
    The cost of research and price in credits will be adjusted

Obtaining loyalty vouchers
All current loyalty reward for completing missions will be preserved, the changes will affect only factional contracts and obtaining loyalty vouchers in battle.

New rules for completing contracts
    While at the station, the pilot gets the opportunity to perform contracts of the two factions of the current hangar
    One contract for each fraction will be available at a time, ie, Only two contracts at the same time
    After completion of contract for one of the factions, the next contract will be available the next day
    Your reward depends on the rank of the player
    Loyaty rewards are transferred to the player’s account

Loyalty vouchers in battles
    Loyalty vouchers are now available as a reward after battles in PvP, PvE, Co-op, Special Operations and SCL
    Reward size depends on the following factors:
        The winning team
        Bonus of the ship with the module being researched
        Global player loyalty bonuses
        Premium license
        The difference between the ranks of the ships the player is using in battle and the ship with the module being researched: the lower the ship’s rank, the smaller the reward
    To get a reward you only need to activate the research on the ship. You don’t have to install the ship in a combat slot and use it in battle

All current methods of obtaining loyalty remain unchanged  
    Trophy search after battle
    Trophy search in open space
    Rewards for sending ships to war
    Rrewards for participating in SCL
Players will no longer receive Mk2 and MK4 upgrade kits
    Previously obtained Mk2 kits in storage can be disassembled into components for the workshop or sold
    Accumulated Mk4 kits can now be disassembled ONLY into iridium or sold

Remnant of the Precursor Culture, Iridium, is becoming one of the most important resources in Star Conflict. Iridium can now be obtained:
    As a reward for owning locations in Sector Conquest
    From trophy search by disassembling Alien Artifacts:
        The player can salvage an artifact for Iridium for free, for GS or sell it
        If the player salvages the artifact for GS, he will get more Iridium   
        Artifacts can’t be put into storage

Iridium can be spent:
    In a corporation on construction and improvement of Dreadnoughts
    On special containers, which can contain rare items, such as weapons and blueprints of Mk5 modules, modules with a bonus to synergy, rare ingredients for the workshop

    A number of ships have an additional slot for hull modifiers: 
        Dvergr 2 
        Dvergr Knight 
        King Dvergr 
        Hercules Rage 
        Hercules Arrow 
        Iron Harpy 
        Steel Harpy 
    All ships of the Federation received increased chance to critical hits when flying at speeds higher than 90% of the maximum
    A number of ships have an additional slot for engine modifiers:
        Lynx Mk II
        Raptor Mk II
    A number of ships have an additional slot for shield modifiers:
        Dagger AE
        Black Death
        Axe-X S
        Black Hort
        Zealot AE

Weapons and modules
Changes in weapons with charge accumulation  
    Now the charge is accumulated gradually
    The increase in charge is now less than 1
    increased the frequency of charge increase
‘Dag’tnith’ Launcher  
    Damage increased by 5%
    Disc flight speed increased by 47%
    Disc maneuverability increased by 16%
‘Styx’ ombat drones
    The module no longer works on stationary objects in PvE 
Active module ‘Particle purge’
    Extended the list of targeted objects
        Neutral ships
        Drones, stations and other structures of the other pilots

Game Modes
Added a new game mode Team Deathmatch. Survival

The situation in fringe sectors remains tense. UMC offers pilots to try their hand in the new battles with increased damage. By tripling damage the battles considerably gained in dynamics and paved the way for new aggressive tactics.
    Batles conducted according to the rules of ‘Team Deathmatch’
    Damage of all ships and modules increased by 200%

Team Deathmatch
Sometimes it so happens that one of the teams in action is much stronger than the other in combat experience, skills, teamwork. The outcome of such a battle is a foregone conclusion. The weak team is likely to lose. Now the battle will be faster in such an unpleasant situation. Pilots will be able to try their hand at a new battle as part of another team.
    The number of points for the destruction of an enemy ship at its point of the revival has been increased to 3

SecCon: Dreadnought Battle

Corporations that have become actual owners of separate locations in the Fringe Sectors after the invasion of Aiens, are beginning to use the latest military technologies that were not previously available to private corporations. A military module‘Scattering field’ has been successfully adapted for use in Dreadnoughts. The module effectively reduces the range of enemy radars. Unfortunately, this secret development quickly became available to everyone.
    Radar range of shipss participating in ‘Dreadnought Battle’ has been reduced by about x3 compared to conventional battles

Using the latest and previously classified technology in the construction and upgrades of corporate Dreadnoughts led to the following changes:
    Reduced the maximum duration of the fight from 18 to 16 minutes
    Dreadnought add-ons have become stronger (from 30000 units to 40000 units)  
    Reduced points for destruction of add-ons on enemy dreadnoughts (from 10 to 8)
    Increased points for shooting down enemy ships (15 to 20)
    Reduced bomb appearance time (from 2.5 minutes to 2 minutes)

Some new technologies will further enhance combat characteristics of individual Dreadnoughts
    Dreadnought Shield by Jericho received additional reinforcement. Now it has a bonus of 10% instead of 7.5%
    Federation Dreadnought combat drones have improved all key performance characteristics by 10%

Star Conflict Leagues

Teams from Baron’s Elite and the best Challengers recently competed for access to the latest Ellydium tech in the SCL Main Event — ‘Grand Prix’ tournament. 
We added new special titles for participants of Star Conflict League Main Event. 
    Baron’s Elite
        Enter the Main Event of the SCL with Baron’s Elite
        Win five rounds in a row in the tournament
        Never win a single game in the tournament
    Baron’s Favourite
        Be the top pilot of the fight the most times, regardless of its outcome

Added new icons for the following corporations 
    32nd Black Eagles
    Black Star
    EPECb CO
    Gens Dracos
    Legionarios Corp
    Nika Sword
    Order of Infinity
    Planet Earth
    RED Stars
    Slovak Ravagers
    SpecTeR SeeKerS
    Taiidan Raiders
    United Vets Militia
    West Range
Icons of the following corporations have been replaced with new ones 
    Tricolore Italia 
    Blazing Phoenix 
    Revolt of the VIRUS
    Hungarian Alliance
    Delta Star 
    Russian Federation 

Made some improvements to game interface
    Improved the display of likes
    Added an option to move to production of the module installed in the slot of the ship
    Added the ‘Go to ship’ option in storage
    Added ‘Equipment’ in ship menu 
        Pressing this button displays the ship’s equipment
Module upgrade
    Added visual effects for module upgrade
‘Combat Recon’
While protection is active, the captain can re-use the ship on the battlefield any number of times
    Added a warning at the beginning of the battle that the captain can re-usethe ship on the battlefield any number of times while protection is active
    Added a warning before the end of this period
    Added a message at the end of this period

Updated loading screen tooltips 
Improved behavior of AI ??opponents in ‘Combat Recon’ and ‘Detonation’
Updated models of some weapons
Module EM Scattering Field now has a visual effect

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with players incorrectly marked as deliberately leaving battle.
Fixed improper influence of control modules on Gravitational anomaly
Fixed destroyer weapon modules not being able to land critical hits
Fixed ‘Neuroaccelerator WPN-FS’ not affecting destroyers modules
Fixed alarm about being in range of Pyro emitter
Fixed tooltip for Jericho guided torpedo detonation button
Fixed location of engines for Styx
Fixed display of missile slot status if you can not automatically replenish ammo
Fixed a bug with creation of unnecessary corporation battles
Fixed WL13 effect on allies in open space
Fixed incorrect effect of control modules on destroyers
Fixed a bug with duplicate pilot names in SCL team list
Fixed self-destruction of the ship when re-entering battle
Fixed module ‘Reactor overload’
Corrected description of daily rewards
Fixed Brokk not being allowed into corporation battles
Fixed erroneous issuance of medal ‘You can’t hide!’
Fixed Matter Inverter in special operations
Fixed a bug with the Czech Crest
Improved a number of texts

Star Conflict 1.3.12 Update #1

Pilots! An important update has been installed on the servers. It consists of several critical bug fixes.

Bug fixes:
Fixed a bug with earning of free synergy
Fixed prices for modules where they are displayed incorrectly
Fixed the text in the description of the destroyer Sirius
Fixed a bug with the speed of the cruiser in PvE mission “Fire Support”
Fixed a bug with tasks display
Text improvements

[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/31567-star-conflict-1312-discussion/)

Star Conflict 1.3.12 Update #3



Reduced difficulty for PvE mission ‘Fire support’

Changed parametsrs of ‘Thi’Lith’ weapon

  • Critical damage bonus is now 10%
  • Starting spread is now 0.5
  • Damage increased by 2%

Destroyer active module characteristics

Changed ‘Repelling Beam’ module cooldown. The cooldown is now 24 seconds

Chaged ‘Destabilizing Field’ module": reduced damage over time by 20%, cooldown is fixed at 35 seconds

Durability of active destroyer modules now depends on the rank.

  • Rank 8 - 2000
  • Rank 11 - 2800
  • Rank 14 - 3600

Bug fixes

Improved a number of texts in accordance with player bug-reports

Changed the description of Stingray’s special module

Fixed Jericho torpedo icon

Minor fixes in the ship tree

Contract progress is not reset by changing station and contracts become available with the saved progress upon returning to the station

Returned the corporate iridium contract

  • Reward - 50
  • Number of wins required - 5
  • Available from rank 6
  • Completed on rank 6 ships or higher
  • The contract is repeated daily
  • Completed in PvP, PvE, Co-op, Special Operations

Improved display of certain patterns and ships (Ronin and Flamberge)

Improved upgrade confirmation window. Added information about loyalty being used

‘Manufacture’ button is no longer available in the drop-down list when the workshop is unavailable. When you hover over the button it displays a special prompt explaining that the workshop is available from rank 6

Fixed a bug related to launching attack drones from the missile bay

Fixed display of active modules on Cutter

Fixed ECM special module, active module ‘Ion Diffuser’ and ‘Stasis Generator’. Now, these modules only interrupt only the active enemy modules.

**Pilots! On our servers set an important update. It consists of several critical bug fixes in the game client, and increase the reward for Broker missions.**



The rewards for special missions, dedicated to building rank 14 destroyers, has been increased. Broker’s employers are very interested in the study of these technologies now, and they are ready to raise the payment.


We recommend that pilots clarify the reward in-game when taking on a Broker’s task.


UMC wishes you successful battles!


Yours faithfully,

Star Conflict team