Star Conflict 1.3.11

Star Conflict 1.3.11

Cryptogram BBIМ22-578105
From: Mercenary Centre
To: noname@star_conflict
Subject: RE Crystal Cuckoo

The situation is extremely tense. The same company, whose name we try not to utter, upset the delicate balance of forces, previously formed in the fringe sectors, with numerous tasks for mercenaries. As a result, we are forced to give corporations access to all dreadnought blueprints. Including the fifth technological level. 

_ Mercenary Centre Special Investigations Department. Fringe sectors _

Sector Conquest
Attention all corporation leaders and pilots! It’s been more than a year from the time when private corporations first received dreadnought blueprints. Their appearance in private hands changed the balance of forces in the great battle for the fringe sectors. Significant profits and increased power are pushing corporations to capture the largest possible number of locations. It’s time to come together in the fight for the most important and high-yield fringe sectors of the highest technological level.

T5 Dreadnoughts
Now, corporations need to further enhance the power of their fleet! Corporations can further modify modules and weapons on their dreadnoughts and take part in battles for new locations of a higher technological level!
    Now, corporations can upgrade modules on their dreadnoughts up to the 5th technological level
    Now, corporations can take part in battles for T5 locations

Now corporations can attack and capture sectors of level 5
    Border sectors. System: Kayeed. Position: Raider range
    Fringe sectors. System: Procyon. Position: Smugglers Hideout
    Fringe sectors. System: Mezza. Position: Sorting Facility

UMC engineers continue to upgrade the most popular and sought-after mercenary ships. Now all pilots with Styx, Hyena and Sword-S ships can choose different specialized modules for these ships before battle.

Alternative special modules can be assembled by collecting a special resource - special module components
    To build a special module you need original components of the special module
    Special module components can be obtained as a reward by performing special tasks
    Required ship components are available in special container-bundles


Invincible Legion assault squadrons’ frigate. Achieved great results in combat against Aliens and during corporate conflicts. These frigates are usually used by leaders of patrol squadros as a means of support and escort for interceptors. This tactic is used by of the Emperor’s personal fleet.

Allegiance: Empire
Class: Frigate
Role: Engineer
Rank: 9

New special module available: ‘Styx combat drones’
Alternative special module, every 30 seconds produces a combat drone, which attacks the enemy and dels thermal damage. Can also recharge shields of allied ships and destroy enemy devices. 
    Every 30 seconds produces a combat drone
    Supports up to 2 drones at a time
    A drone attacks an enemy and deals 912 thermal damage per second
    The module consumes 330 units of energy per activation
    Upon module activation one of the drones:
        - restores 8944 shield pts. of the most damaged allied ship
        - breaks all enemy devices installed by other pilots


The first fighters of Wolf class in Alien worlds were not effective enough for fast battles in such difficult conditions, and specialists of Scott en Cott company released the global ship modification called Hyena. The new model has proven to be excellent in Alien space. In addition, manufacturers began to cover the ships with ‘camouflage’, which makes it less noticeable with Alien crystals in the background.

Allegiance: Federation
Class: Fighter
Role: Tackler
Rank: 9

New special module available: ‘ODG Mantis’
Alternative special module is able to make the ship invisible for 15 seconds. At the same time the ship is accelerated by 30%. Upon exiting invisibility, the ship’s damage is increased by 20% for 5 seconds. Also note the low, only 80 pts., power consumption of the special module and fast enough recharging - 35 sec.

    Makes the ship invisible for 15 sec. and increases speed by 30%
    Any damage or opening fire removes invisibility
    Upon exiting invisibility damage increases by 20% for 5 seconds.

Sword S

According to rumours, in exchange for support in lobbying the Bosco family project ‘Sword AE’ Technologists received a number of key technologies from Bosco family used in the development of the fighter. This explains the fact that the experimental ‘Sword S’ fighter released by Technologists is eerily similar to the latest project of Bosco shipyards.

Allegiance: Jericho
Class: Fighter
Role: Command
Rank: 15

New special module available: ‘Sword S Diffusion Shield’
This alternative special module is able to surround the ship with an additional shield that lasts for 12 seconds. At this time, the shield absorbs all damage. If the ship’s energy is depleted, the shield will disappear. Upon deactivation the module restores shield charge for allies! Module range is 3600 meters, and recharge time - 30 seconds.
    Surrounds the ship with a shield
    The shield absorbs all damage, but consumes energy at the same time: 1 unit for every 13 units of damage
    If energy is depleted, the shield disappears
    Upon deactivation restores 3547 units of shield charge for allies

Game Modes
The following changes in parameters of game modes have been made based on analysis of mercenary combat statistics:
Combat recon
Statistical analysis showed that in some cases the role of the captain may be lost before loading all the players into battle
    Time to captain’s activation has been increased by 20 seconds
Battle statistics showed that at rank 7 it was difficult for pilots to fight the AI.
    Reduced difficulty at rank 7
‘Fire support’ mission is one of the most popular in the game. For many pilots repeatedly completing the mission made battles with AI a monotonous routine.
    Increased difficulty of the mission ‘Fire support’

    Next to the window where you enter the number of items produced we added arrow keys to increase / decrease this number
    If a container drops a bonus, the bonus tab flashes
    Disabled buttons allowing ship turns
        Now you can only use mouse and gamepad/joystick for ship turns

Made changes to ‘Adaptive Shield’
    Now the module only increases resistance of shields
Improved descriptions of a number of tasks
Increased maximum camera distance for fighters and frigates
Improved several icons

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug where a warning of foul language in chat may have been shown to the wrong player
Fixed a bug with painting Lance ships

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