Star Conflict 1.3.10

Star Conflict 1.3.10


Cryptogram BBIM22-578102
From : Mercenary Centre
To : noname@star_conflict
Sent : Thursday, July 21
Subject : RE Crystal Cuckoo

What do monkeys think, if they have rocks instead of a brain? Perhaps the ‘Enclave’ has the answer. I’m planning a massive friendly visit to Sector 3812 Eliar system. 

_ Mercenary Centre Special Investigations Department. Fringe sectors _



‘Ellydium’ continues to produce new and unique weapons, created with Alien technology. The new weapon is designed to be mounted exclusively on interceptors. You can obtain the new weapon’s blueprint by completing Broker’s missions in the game. Attention! Missions will be available on 03-00 AM MSK (GMT+3) July 22
Sk’Rah Launcher
    Deals kinetic damage
    Available from rank 6
    Mounted on Interceptors
    Fires Alien crystals
    If there is another enemy close to the target, it’s also damaged by the crystal


The requirements for obtaining Premium-ships parts and rare resources in Artur Gage’s tasks has been changed
    The ship you’re using to fly into battle must be of the same rank as the components being collected or higher


“Ellydium” corporation announced its new development - a unique module “Energy Converter”. The research of the new module is still ongoing . We’ll learn the details about the new development in the future project news.

Added unique objects to Leviathan location in ‘Open Space’. This objects are presumably associated with future tasks from the Broker, who is currently working for Ellydium corporation. 
The Leviathan location has the following new objects, giving bonuses to pilots upon capture:
    Stealth bonus for Aliens
    Powerful damage bonus that allows to kill the Defiler

Improved appearance of some environment elements in PvE
Improved profanity filter in chat:
    If the message does not pass the filter, it does not appear in chat
        In this case, a notification is displayed
    Profanity filter setting has been removed from the interface
    Profanity filter is enabled for all pilots
Excess components for Palom, Kite-E, and Ghost are now converted into random faction loyalty
Reduced difficulty of PvE missions ‘Defence contracts’ for ranks 6-10
USSR corporation logo is now available to corporations ‘NOD SPECTRUM’, ‘WARHOOM ONE DRAGONS’, ‘Bregan’

Bug fixes
Fixed data disparity in statistics and rankings
Fixed some ship models
Fixed display error with one of the guns of Invincible destroyer
Fixed minor interface bugs
Fixed several bugs on maps
Fixed a bug in the description of some of the ships, related to ship components

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