Star Conflict 1.3.1

Star Conflict 1.3.1


Pilots! We congratulate you on successfully completing New Year’s special assignments. All the tasks put forward by Ms. Frost and corporation Klauss Inc. have been accomplished. The first destroyers — a new ship class in Star Conflict, are available for manufacture and use by all pilots. At the moment pilots can build and utilise only rank 8 Destroyers. Higher rank will be added in stages in the nearest future.





Destroyers are a new ship class. They serve as heavy fire support vessels. Boast high firepower. Can use additional energy shields and special weapon modules.

The first avialable Destroyers can be found at rank 8 in ship development tree

Destroyers have to be manufactured

A special component — neodium — is required to build them

Neodium can be found in secret stashes and in ores of high-ranking Open space locations

It can also be received as reward for reaching certain ranks

And in special bundle containers


Imperial destroyer ‘Invincible’


The ‘Invincible’ line of ships was built during the second war for Bartle sector and has been continuously refined since. These faithful ‘workhorses’ of the Imperial Spacefleet were widely used for fire support during offensive operations. Military doctrines change, fleets are upgraded, but Invincible always remain in the ranks. Over the years of production and operation over forty different models and numerous modifications of the destroyer have been produced. The latest model of Invincible is deservedly considered the strongest link in the modern Imperial fleet.


Empire destroyer features

Stronger hull compared to other factions (100 000 pts)

Slightly weaker shields compared to other factions (12 000 pts)

7% additional damage (compared to Empire standards)

Additional synergy level bonuses

Upon reaching level 2: increased thermal resistance

Upon reaching level 4: increased view radius/energy regeneration/shield volume

Upon reaching level 8: additional improvements for destroyer modules


Federation destroyer ‘Procyon’


Only six months after Sol-X Inc’s bankruptcy it was revealed that the corporation had been spying on Federation shipyards in favour of the Empire. By that time an incredibly valuable database with all the information about the Federation ships was sold at an auction. The buyer, a private investor, was soon pronounced dead under mysterious circumstances. Further fate of the Sol-X database is unknown. Recently, a previously unknown Procyon corporation presented the eponymous destroyer. Despite the fact that most experts are inclined to believe that Procyon was built thanks to the Sol-X databases, the authorities were unable able to present the corporation any charges. With its high-tech destroyer, the corporation has easily won the state tender.


Federation destroyer features

Slightly weaker hull compared to other factions (75 000 pts)

Stronger shields compared to other factions (25 000 pts)

20% higher speed compared to other factions

15% higher turn rate compared to other factions

Can install 3 ‘Static shield’ objects compared to 2 in other factions

Increased volume and energy regeneratio speed compared to other factions

Additional synergy level bonuses

Upon reaching level 2: increased EM resistance

Upon reaching level 4: increased ship speed/reduced afterburner energy requirements/increased turn rate

Upon reaching level 8: additional improvements for destroyer modules


Jericho destroyer ‘Archon’


Archon destroyer was first used in a battle against Aliens in 4616, the Mendez family. The appearance of the prototype on the battlefield caused heated debate. The destroyer’s design was strongly reminiscent of the works by great master Arthur Liu, killed in the ‘Monolith’ crash.The surviving members of the Liu family accused Mendes of stealing. However, the Board of families awed by the destroyer’s tremendous power did not listen to them. After the Mendes demarche and their exodus to quarantine sectors Archon became the basis of their fleet’s strike force.


Jericho destroyer features

Slightly weaker hull compared to other factions (70 000 pts)

Stronger shields compared to other factions (35 000 pts)

Faster shield regeneration (+60 pts per sec) compared to other factions

Reduced energy cost for ‘Static shield’ activation compared to other factions

Additional synergy level bonuses

Upon reaching level 2: increased kinetic resistance

Upon reaching level 4: additional improvements for destroyer weapons

Upon reaching level 8: additional improvements for destroyer modules


Destroyer features

Destroyers have a special control mode

Free camera

Crosshairs are always in the center of the screen

The ship automatically turns towards the crosshairs when you press the ‘Look around’ key (Ctrl by default)

Destroyers can have up to 12 weapons

Destroyers have unique weapons

No more than 8 weapons from one side can fire simultaneously at the same target

Some destroyer parts can be damaged in battle:

Active modules: stop working when damaged

Engines: afterburners stop working when damaged

Capacitor: special module stops working when damaged

Modules will not work through your own hull

Some destroyer modules are only effective on the side they’re mounted on

Shields cover the whole destroyer

Active module colour on ship hull depends on its level

Customization does not change module colour


Special Destroyer module

All destroyers belong to the new role: Suppressor Class. A new special module has been developed for this role

_ Energy router _

Reroutes energy flow in ship systems. Allows to select between increasing max speed, weapon damage or restoring shield volume.



Destroyers use special weapons

_ Coilgun _

Medium-distance kinetic weapon

Has increasing spread

May overheat

_ Meson cannon _

Meson emitter, medium distance

Deals thermal damage

Has increasing rate of fire

Has increasing spread

May overheat


Additional shields

Instead of standard missile weapons, Destroyers have additional shields

_ Static shield _

Creates a temporary directional shield

Several temporary directional shields can be placed at the same time

Active time of the additional shield is limited



Added modules for rank 8 destroyers. More active modules will be added when destroyers of higher ranks are introduced.

_ Pyro emitter _

Pumps a cloud of charged particles that then ignites and deals thermal damage to all ships in range.

_ Blaster tyrret _

Automatically fires at enemies in range. Projectile deals thermal damage. Active mode increases rate of fire and makes projectiles explode.

_ Multiphase shield _

Increases shield resistance in passive mode. Active mode increases resistance bonus.

_ Plasma turret _

Automatically fires at enemies in range. Projectile deals EM damage. Active mode increases damage.

_ ‘Tempest’ Launcher _

Launches homing missiles at targets in a cone. Each missile deals thermal damage.

_ Wormhole projector _

Projects a wormhole flying in selected direction. Repeat activation or the wormhole traversing a certain range makes the ship pass through the wormhole.


Open space

Improved flight debriefing

The number on top now shows credits earned directly by the pilot

Profit from selling trophies is displayed as before

There is no total number of credits earned per flight


Added new system ‘Ydra’

A long time ago this system was the Federation’s forward outpost for far sector exploration. It housed mining stations for all sorts of ores, large industrial complexes, and served as a logistical hub. Federation also owned a number of shipyards here. However in the final decade before the invasion, this region stopped being profitable — all the mines were quickly depleted and the long trading routes started attracting too many pirates. Federation immediately stopped all activity and sold its assets to private investors and corporations. Evacuation of valuables and station disassembly was never finished, and the system was added to the Quarantine Zone.


Complex Naberia-392

Previously the factory complex on Naberia was involved in production of equipment for asteroid mining. It was used to build mining and transport ships, produce precise measuring devices and plasma drills. A powerful igneous power plant provided power plant and all of the nearby mines. About fifty years ago, ore mining in the region became unprofitable, and the Federation ceased all operations. The factory was closed and sold at an auction.

Location is situated in restricted sectors on the border between Empire and Federation

System: Ydra

Minimum ship rank: 7

Station protection: unavailable


‘Northstar’ Crash Site

An ancient service station, lost in low orbit of the planet Naberia-526, that would have remained abandoned, if it were not for an emergency. Robert Artego, captain of the dreadnought ‘Northstar’ made an emergency landing there. Artego hoped to find means of communications at the station and request assistance. His ship, damaged in battles with Aliens and then with the Pirates, made a hard landing. For years, no one knew about the fate of ‘Northstar’, until its crash site was discovered by raiders. 

Location is situated in restricted sectors on the border between Empire and Federation

System: Ydra

Minimum ship rank: 7

Station protection: unavailable


Ship manufacturing

Pilots can now re-tool already built secret project ships and destroyers

You can now change the slots for additional modules

You can now change ship bonuses

Synergy of a re-tooled ship is not lost

Ships are re-assembled for credits

No other resources are required

Changed manufacturing system for destroyers and secret project ships

Apart from selecting a special module, pilots can now select bonuses at synergy levels 4 and 8

Each ship now requires a fixed amount of resources depending on passive slot selection

Resource amount is different for each ship


Ship tree

Appearance of the ship tree has been significantly reworked

New ship tree features:

Ship icons have a synergy bar

The tree is now scrolled vertically

Each role has a separate column

Changed requirements for ship purchase

You need to buy and develop the previous ship to a certain synergy level

You need to buy a certain number of ships from previous ranks

These requirements do not affect Premium and DLC ships

Premium and DLC ships are accounted for when buying other ships



Hangars for all sides of conflict have been changed

Made docks longer to house Destroyers

When you select a ship’s weapon or module slot, the camera focuses on module mounting point

Jericho and Empire hangars have their own musical themes



Improved fleet strength icon

The icon has been changed to suit the new ship tree

Changed assignment sorting algorithm

The most recently-acquired assignments are now higher on the list


Added link parsing

Links are posted in straight brackets

Links are cut off if required

Links have yellow colour

Clicking a link opens it in your browser

Additional effect when ‘Metastable Energy Field Generator’ is deactivated

The ship that used the effect has 1.5 additional seconds of invincibility when the field is deactivated


Bug fixes

Improved ship positioning in Hangar

Fixed a bug with ‘Sword S’ ship model

Fixed bugs in dreadnought battles against AI

Fixed bugs with being unable to turn in assignments


Star Conflict 1.3.1 Update # 1

Having analysed a number of battles, we decided to tweak the characteristics of destroyers. Balance changes are made in order to smoothly introduce the new ship class in the gameplay.


Reduced re-deployment time for destroyers by 10 seconds

Changed Pyro Emitter’s characteristics

No longer damages allies

Damage of the initial phase has been doubled

‘Tempest’ Launcher

Damage increased by 50%

Laser and Plasma turrets

Damage increased by 10%


Projectile speed increased by 10%

Damage increased by 10%

Meson Cannon

Damage increased by 40%

Maximum spread reduced by 20%

Increased shield volume

+3000 for Empire

+5000 for Federation

+5000 for Jericho

Slightly reduced energy consumption of afterburners

Changed the cost of repairing destroyers

Now, repairs cost 30,000 credits for one death in combat

The maximum cost of repairs is 100,000 credits

Ship manufacturing

Reduced manufacturing cost for Caltrop

Changed the starting bonus set for Jaguar

Star Conflict 1.3.1 Update #2

Pilots, we have installed an important update fixing a number of bugs in the game.


Fixed synergy level display for destroyers

Open Space

Fixed incorrect assignment behaviour in ‘Space FLight 101: Trophies’

Now all tutorial assignments can be completed at any stations


Fixed mortar mechanics


Fixed a bug in PvE mission ‘Fire Support’. The cruiser’s plasma turrets can no longer fire through it

Fixed hyperlinks in corporation chat

Fixed a bug with switching destroyer controls in battle

Fixed model bugs in Sword, Sword S, Sword AE.

Models are now displayed correctly in hangar and in battle at all distances