Star Conflict 1.2

Star Conflict 1.2: Dogs of War

‘Cry ‘Havoc!’, and let slip the dogs of war’
William Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’

Dogs of War, mercenaries … Since the times of Direktorium they have been doing the dirty work. Governments fall and new ones take their place. The Empire, the noble lion, tangled with the sly fox, the Federation, and both of them bared their teeth at the monstrous chimera of Jericho. And mercenaries… they were just dogs to them, ones that change hands at the first opportunity. Authorities have never seen them as a serious force and tried to keep them on a leash. Yet their services are always in demand.
Now, when the world is facing Destroyers, the Empire, the Federation, and Jericho gave their most loyal mercenaries access to secret tech, to make sure they can deal with the Aliens. Mercenaries just got their hands on the most advanced ships humanity has ever built.

**Ships** Mercenaries have access to the latest engineering projects — several secret project ships became available to the most experienced pilots. All ships have advanced weapons and defence systems. Many mercenaries will want to strengthen their fleets with the power of these ships.

Imperial engineers prepared a new recon interceptor for mercenaries. Built for combat recon in extreme conditions, the prototype of ‘Cyning’ was the only ship to survive the Alien attack on Empire’s 112th Design Bureau.
Class: Interceptor
Affiliation: Empire
Rank: 15
Role: Recon
Special module selection: Microwarp Engine, Legion Microwarp Engine, Warden Microwarp Engine
Legion Microwarp Engine has reduced jump preparation time
Warden Microwarp Engine blocks enemies from capturing targets in the jump zone

Federation’s new interceptor ‘Peregrine’ was developed via a special order of an unknown patron who wished to remain in the dark.
Class: Interceptor
Affiliation: Federation
Rank: 15
Role: Covert Ops
Special module selection: Plasma Web, Armada Plasma Web, Vanguard Plasma Web
Armada Plasma Web deals less damage but temporarily reduces the target’s repair capabilities
Vanguard Plasma Web deals more damage and lasts longer

Saw One
Latest Jericho figther that got the name ‘Saw One’ is a great example of the Departed’s advanced tech. Unfortunately, the price for such power is high.
Class: Fighter
Affiliation: Jericho
Rank: 15
Role: Command
Special module selection: Diffusion Shield, Raid Diffusion Shield, Tech Diffusion Shield
Raid Diffusion Shield temporarily increases main weapon damage
Tech Diffusion Shield additionally restores ship energy on activation

Federation’s tackler ‘Jaguar’ was conceived as a science vessel capable of observing Aliens in extreme conditions. But the Federation’s higher-ups bought the labs working on it through private investors. As a result, ‘Jaguar’ was retooled for military operations.
Class: Fighter
Affiliation: Federation
Rank: 15
Role: Tackler
Special module selection: ODG ‘Chameleon’, Armada ODG ‘Chameleon’, Vanguard ODG ‘Chameleon’
Armada ODG ‘Chameleon’ only gives invisibility for a short time but reloads much faster
Vanguard ODG ‘Chameleon’ gives invisibility without additional effects, but it does not wear off upon receiving damage

Long-range frigate ‘Kraken’ was built under the Imperial Security Service’s all-seeing eye. This example of Empire’s engineering serves just one purpose — eliminating Aliens.
Class: Frigate
Affiliation: Empire
Rank: 15
Role: Long-range
Special module selection: Legion Disintegrator, Guided Torpedo, Warden Disintegrator
Legion Disintegrator charge not only deals damage to the target but also siphons energy
Warden Disintegrator charge not only deals immediate damage but also damage over time

Guard Frigate ‘Ronin’ became the final design of Jericho’s Liu Family before it was eradicated.
Class: Frigate
Affiliation: Jericho
Rank: 15
Role: Guard
Special module selection: Phase Shield, Raid Phase Shield, Tech Phase Shield
Raid Phase Shield has higher resistance, but does not increase weapon damage
Tech Phase Shield transforms part of received damage of matching type into energy

Dreadnought Battle
From now on all players above rank 7, even without corporations, can take part in dreadnought battles.
Pilot has to have fitting ships in combat slots
Ships have to be of appropriate levels (Т3, Т4 or Т5)
All ships have to be of one tech level (Т3, Т4 or Т5)
Pilot needs at least 3 ships
Independent pilots are added to incomplete corporation teams
They can only be added to teams if there’s space
Squads cannot get into the battle, only solo pilots

The enemy team may now have AI-controlled ships.
This is only possible during the Assault stage
This is only possible if a wing registered for battle didn’t get enemies from the pilot pool.

Dreadnought battles can be joined from the game mode selection screen.
In this screen pilots receive all the necessary information
The Conquest button is inactive if a pilot does not meet requirements

During location defence, the owner corporation can no longer select the team it’s fighting against.
Corporation only applies for defence
The pair ‘Attacker/Defender’ pair is matched automatically

In order to reduce waiting time in PvP queues we made the following changes: pilots will be able to quickly enter battles in progress, if there is a lack of mercenaries with ships of the necessary technological level.
Now you can participate in several PvP battles without returning to hangar
Maximum battle time for all PvP gameplays (except for ‘Beacon Capture’) reduced to 7 minutes

Reworked PvP battle start procedure.
Battles now start with the minimal number of players
Pilots are collected from queues for 1-1,5 minutes after battle start
Squads can only get into new games and not games in progress
General rules are used to calculate rewards

Added new buttons to battle debriefing screen
‘To battle’ that allows you to queue for battle again without returning to Hangar. Ammunition is refilled automatically
‘To hangar’ that returns the pilot to hangar

Added new battlegrounds to PvP rotation
_ Monolith Ruins _
_ Sanctuary _
New modes are available for ‘Monolith Ruins’: Domination, Beacon Capture, Team Battle, Combat Recon
PvP battles on ‘Monolith Ruins’ are available to Tech levels T3-T5
‘Sanctuary’ has the following modes available: Domination, Combat Recon, Beacon Hunt, Team Battle
Battles on ‘Monolith Ruins’ are available to Tech levels T1-T3
The map ‘Ancient Ruins’ has been replaced with ‘Sanctuary’ in starter PvP queues

Ships under AI control now have new names.
Removed the prefix ‘(bot)’ from AI-controlled ships
Allies and enemies controlled by AI now have names fitting the game modes better

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PvE and Special Operations
A new challenge for mercenaries is an encounter with the Destroyer , an incredibly strong Alien ship that recently appeared in the frontier sectors. The Destroyer deserves its name since its aim is the destruction of the advanced outposts of humanity’s armed forces. Stopping it is going to be extremely difficult. Its weapons are capable of destroying even the most fortified outposts in our zones. This is a new challenge to all the mercenaries of the third, fourth and fifth technological level. Only truly strong groups can stop the Destroyer.
Don’t let the Destroyer blow up the outposts in the zone
Eliminate the Destroyer
One rare reward per day is guaranteed

Special Operation notification
A special message is broadcast into game chat before the start of a special operation
Chat window doesn’t have to be open for you to receive the message

Special Operations timetable
Locations in invasion mode are no longer blocked during Special Operations
Special Operations will be cycled
‘Special Operation: Defiler’ will be available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
‘Special Operation: Destroyer’ will be available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
Special Operations will be cycled on Sundays
Special operations are available for two hours with two hour breaks

New PvE mission ‘Defence Contract’
An exciting adventure for pilots is a new PvE mission ‘Defence Contract’. Players will defend the location ‘Colonization Hub’ from the invasion of large pirate fleets. The regular army is pinned down fighting with Aliens, and therefore, there is no one to stop the pirates! You are our last hope, mercenaries!
You have to stop the raider invasion
Raiders attack in waves. In different waves you can meet all sorts of different raider types
When you defeat all the Raider waves, you’re going to have to destroy a very powerful and well-protected Cruiser

Invasion mode
Added new location ‘Monolith Ruins’
It is unknown what caused the destruction of the city: a joint attack of other families, self-destruction or action of some third party. At one point the family Liu was crushed, and Jericho lost their main sanctuary. The disaster area was immediately closed to all flights, and a few years later it was attached to the trilateral memorandum on quarantine zones. Only recently, at the initiative of Mendes Family Jericho decided to allow the flights to the Monolith for mercenaries.
Location is situated in Jericho zone, Antaress system
Minimum ship rank: 10
Station protection: inactive

Added new location Sanctuary
‘The greatest discovery in the history of mankind’ — this is how the ruins of Precursor civilization in Troy are described. The tombstone of a bygone civilization, ancient structures frozen on the orbits of the system’s planets. This was the first tangible proof of existence of those who came before us.
Location can be found in Jericho zone in Antaress system
Minimum ship rank: 10
Station protection: inactive

Ancient Ruins
Troy is a huge graveyard of abandoned Precursor stations. Giant structures of unknown purpose, ominously shimmering with greenish hues of Troy’s argon light, evoke primal fear in the minds of all onlookers.
Improved textures
Improved lighting and ambient effects
Changed map background

Changed Destructor mechanics
Ships in range no longer receive damage, but lose a small portion of energy
Base damage has been slightly increased to compensate for the change

Special modules
Energy consumption of special modules now depends on their level
Energy consumption increases with level
Changes apply to:
_ Microwarp Engine on Recon ships_
_ ODG ‘Chameleon’ on Tacklers_
Damage dealt by Disintegrators of levels Т4,Т5 has been increased
Phase Shield
Shield resistance to selected damage is now 120 pts. at all levels
Bonus to ship weapons damage has been reduced to 15%

Now it is possible to open portrait and taunt purchase window from ship customization screen
Just click any element you like
Selected, but not purchased changes in ship customization will not be applied

Improved game mode selection interface
The button that launches random PvE missions is called ‘Missions’
Added a button that lets you choose a particular mission; it’s called ‘Pick Scenario’
‘Custom Battle’ button is now an icon on the ‘PvP’ button
The button used to join dreadnought battles is now put in place of the ‘Custom Battle’ button

Improved feedback on hitting targets. Now pilots can say for sure whether they hit a target or not.
Added new quiet ‘HUD’ sound for hitting enemies. The sound is played at equal volume even if the target is out of range or very far away
Added new HUD element — crosshairs that change on hitting a target

Bug fixes
Fixed invalid asteroid behaviour in dreadnought battles
Fixed a bug with mass-test client shortcut overwriting the main game’s shortcut
Fixed a bug with getting into tournaments
Fixed a bug with special offers display
Fixed a bug that prevented pilots from using a second ship in practice battle
Fixed Shrapnel Cannon effect in Invasion mode

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Star Conflict 1.2.0a Update #1


Pilots! An update has been successfully installed on the servers. Critical bugs and problems have been fixed. We also made some important changes in game modes and modified the Special Operations interface. Increased rewards for completing ‘Special Operations’!



Slightly tweaked Laser ARC-II  

_The weapon now has exactly the same characteristics as Pulse Laser _


Game modes

Team Battle

[space=40]Now you need to take down 20 enemy ships to win

Battle time is now 5 minutes



Tweaked the button Special Operations

If the pilot hasn’t reached rank 7 yet, the button is blocked

If the pilot reached rank 7, then:

The button shows a rank range for the upcoming Special Operation

Displays the time left until Special Operation start

Game mode selection screen

Now, if the mode is not available all the time, the tooltip describes its timetable


Special Operation rewards

Increased Special Operation rewards from purple trophy search spots

Changed purple search spots contents:

Completing a T5 Special Operation no longer yields credits in purple spots

Completing a T4 Special Operation increases the chance of getting T4 Secret Project ship modules and T4 blueprints

Completing a T3 Special Operation increases the chance of getting T3 blueprints and increases credit rewards


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with incorrect damage of some missiles in PvE

Fixed descriptions of several DLCs

Improved game stability

Fixed false error pop-ups

Star Conflict 1.2.0 Update #2

Attention all pilots! A small but important update is already on the battle servers! We declare that all the so-called followers of Miss Summer have been successfully caught. The Centre is grateful to all pilots who took active part in their capture.

Game Modes

Combat Recon

Team captain is now invulnerable for the first 90 seconds

Any pilot is guaranteed to get into battle

Beacon Hunt

Any pilot is guaranteed to get into battle