Star Conflict 1.2.5

Star Conflict 1.2.5


Cryptogram FRST17-245117
Contract: Shadowy Trace
Employer: Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Attention, mercenaries! Dr. Pavlov hired our dreadnought for his expedition to Alien space. Contact with the dreadnought has been lost. Until recently, the corporation knew nothing about the fate of the Dreadnought’s crew and considered it missing. Recently the logs of the Dreadnought’s captain Robert Artego have been discovered. It seems that Northstar did manage to return from Alien space. It probably crashed, or was captured somewhere in quarantine sectors. Destroy the Raiders at ‘Naberia-392’ plant. We will analyze the data obtained in battle, and then we can establish the coordinates of Northstar!

New Year’s tasks from miss Frost
Throughout New Year holidays miss Frost and corporation Klauss inc. will be handing out special jobs to pilots.
All assignments are divided into stages
Pilots will be able to learn about new stages from news on the game site, special ingame counter in the hangar, and the ingame promo window
Pilots will get great rewards for completing assignments
You can always check your current assignment’s progress in the task window

Faction competition
In honour of festive events the heads of the region’s main factions — Jericho, Federation and Empire are arranging traditional competitions. Your wins in battles on faction ships will be counted before and after New Year. Choose ships of the side you want to fight for! Bring it to victory in a stage! Get rewards!
Competition is broken down into stages
Mercenaries will get special bonuses for each stage
Follow the hangar counter. It shows the time left in the current stage
Faction bonuses are only active during the following stage
You can have a look at the list of bonuses and stages on the game’s website, in the News section

Game modes
Combat recon
Changed rules for captains:
Captains no longer have invincibility
During the first 90 seconds of the battle captains can re-deploy their ships after death
Captain is considered a regular pilot in this period
Changing captains does not lead to the grace period reset
Achievements for destroying captains also do not work in this period
Standard rules of this game mode apply to the captain after the first 90 seconds
He can no longer re-deploy hsips
Nobody can re-deploy ships when he dies
Captain-related achievements are enabled
Special Operations
Reduced difficulty of special operation against the ‘Destroyer’ at ranks 13-15

Sector conquest
We made some changes to this mode to improve the situation with dishonest corporations
Increased minimal location attack cost
Removed the ability to cancel attacks
Any successful attack damages the location
Attackers deal damage and are considered winners if there’s no defence force, but they fight each other for rewards

Reworked bundle purchase window
Reworked daily rewards window
Added festive decorations to hangars

We picked the best taunts from the contest. Authors will get their taunts in the game free of charge.
Smile, you’re not on the radar any more.
Welcome to open space! Put a coat on.
You are a worthy foe, but I had the advantage… thank you for the fight.
Your ship’s explosion is a beautiful melody I can’t get enough of!
Nothing personal. Just good old unmotivated aggression!
Congratulations! You’ve won a free ship scrapping!
Let’s be clear… do you like explosions?
Yes-yes, I know you’ll have your revenge!
I got the last shot, I got the last laugh!
No luck, just skill.
What was your name again? Target Practice?
Did I do that?.. My bad!
Such a beautiful explosion… Come back, I want to see it again…
Mmm, I smell bacon!
What? You’re dead already!?
Ouch! That looked like it hurt!
Here, have some ammo!
Could you throw that one back? That was my favourite rocket!
Cause of death: acute lead poisoning, irradiation, and severe burns.

Fixed messenger drone position in Imperial Transport Hub
Purchased blueprints are now put into storage and no longer learned automatically
Added new colours for ships
Added weekly task ‘Win 10 battles in SC Leagues’

Bug fixes
Fixed sound bugs
Fixed battleground bugs
Fixed text bugs
Fixed a bug with player ship marker colour on the map
Fixed a bug with incorrect assignment progress calculation
Fixed a bug with ingame reports
Fixed a bug with dreadnoughts going into battle without key structures
Fixed a bug with rewards for owning locations
Fixed a bug with social authorization window appearing in battle
Fixed a bug with rewards for top leaderboard places
Fixed incorrect ‘Missile Shield’ operation against guided torpedoes
Fixed a bug with reduced turret damage in PvE missions
Fixed ‘Spectre’ Field operating at map borders
Fixed a bug with Station Protection notifications
Fixed a bug with captain switch notifications
Fixed a bug with displaying statistics after docking
Fixed incorrect text upon moving dreadnoughts
Fixed a bug with gravitational anomaly in Special Operation


Attention! Reward for ship assignments has been changed. Now it’s random loyalty of one of the 6 factions.