Star Conflict 1.2.4

Star Conflict 1.2.4
Pilots! In the new update you will see the results of the first tweaks to the assignments and contracts system that should make it more user-friendly and easier to understand. The improvements mainly concern the visuals. We redesigned the interface of contracts, story missions, open space and fleet assignments. We also did the same with the special tasks related to various events in the game. However, we decided not to stop at visual changes and have begun work on changing the concept of contracts, so you should see its results in the coming updates. In the meantime, we suggest the latest improvements for your scrutiny.
SC Leagues
Changed the concept of testing season. Now the captains of top 20 teams will get a chance to create a team in the first season’s First League with stricter rules but better rewards! More information here
The number of team invites increased from 10 to 100
To increase team population we’ve changed League games availability: from 19:00 to 20:00 UTC+3; from 22:00 to 23:00 UTC+3; from 03:00 to 04:00 UTC+3
Ships of ranks 11 to 15 are now available for battles
Assignments and contracts
All assignments and contracts are now merged into a single interface
Contracts have been moved to assignment mechanics
Contracts are assigned automatically
Contracts are completed manually
Faction tabs have been removed. Contracts now exist in a single window.
_ Finished contracts are automatically turned it when you queue _
Contracts are sorted by completion progress
Contracts are handed out by characters unique for each side’s Hangar
Loyalty rewards depend on the current Hangar
Clicking the character’s icon opens the contracts section
Assignment list has been reworked. The most problematic contracts have been changed
Story missions
Accepted and completed manually
You can view already-completed story missions
Only one character hands out these missions: Selena Galo
Character does not depend on Hangar selection
Open space assignments
Accepted and completed manually
Only one assignment is available per day
Assignments are handed out by different characters
Fleet assignments
Accepted and completed manually
Only one available at a time
Only one character hands out these missions: A. Gage
The character does not depend on hangar allegiance
Special assignments
These are related to various events in the game: Halloween, New Year, Cosmonautics Day, etc.
Accepted and completed manually
Special assignments are handed out by characters unique for each event
If no special events are active, the corresponding characters are not displayed
Reworked assignment icons in Hangar
Lighting has been changed to improve the display of ships and minor details.
Additional devices
Additional devices ‘Battle Firmware’, ‘Hacked Firmware’ and ‘Tactical Software’ now only increase synergy gain in battle
If you purchased the listed devices before this update and would like to refund your purchase, please contact customer support — they will help you.
Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with being unable to return to battle after a disconnect

Fixed a bug with invalid open space achievement unlocks
Fixed a bug with missile warning display when the missile was already destroyed
Fixed a bug with message of the day not appearing in corporation chat
Fixed a bug with pilot-manufactured ammunition not being used with auto-replenishment
Fixed a bug with incorrect damage of some Disintegrator models
Fixed a bug with special module icon in special projects tooltip
Fixed several bugs in Sector Conquest
Fixed a number of battleground bugs


Star Conflict 1.2.4a Update #1

Today we’re pushing an important update with fixes and tweaks for assignments, contracts, matchmaking and PvE balance

Assignments and contracts
Changed requirements of several assignments
Beacon capture assignments (including those that require you to win battles) can now be completed in PvE
Changed display of contracts and assignments
Hangar now only shows icons of characters with new or finished tasks
Slight visual changes of assignments window

Changed allocated time for battles
Team battles can now last up to 7 minutes.
Other modes’ times remain unchanged

Tweaked balance in ‘Defence Contract’ and ‘Fire Support’ missions
Lowered difficulty of the Destroyer special operation at ranks 10-12

Bug fixes
Fixed a bug with manufactured ships losing level 4 and level 8 bonuses
Fixed a bug with pilots being unable to use rank 11 ships in SC Leagues if their top ship in combat slots was a rank 15
Fixed a bug in wave PvE missions with the cruiser moving with the same speed even after losing its engines
Fixed a bug with incorrect rewards stated in Open space assignment descriptions
Fixed a bug with being unable to turn in a completed assignment
Fixed a bug with incorrect resource icon display in pilot profile
Fixed a bug with sorting in leaderboards when selecting ‘My position’ and ‘Friends’ filters
Fixed a bug with incorrect notification about Sector Conquest availability

The [discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28820-star-conflict-v124-discussion/) is open