Star Conflict 1.2.2

Star Conflict 1.2.2


Attention to all UMC pilots! Scientists report the approach of the next ‘Signal Peak’. Each year, at the end of October of Earth calendar, the universe experiences a passing wave of anomalous energy. It’s time for the old Earth tradition called ‘Halloween’. Fanatics and cultists who worship the Signal think that on ‘Halloween’ dead souls penetrate into our world. Despite numerous reports of ghost ships and other abnormal phenomena, the Inquisition considers it its duty to inform you that all of this is pure fiction. Ghosts do not exist! Any cases of dissent should be reported to the nearest military command post. ‘W.I.T.Ch. Protocol’ is coming into force. High alert mode is introduced on all bases. Under the terms of the tripartite memorandum ‘On quarantine zones’ all three factions are co-operating on this matter.

Special agent of the Inquisition Miranda del Arte has been appointed to oversee the operation.




New PvE mission ‘Fire Support’

We have received a distress signal from the complex ‘Naberia-392’. UMC Recon Squad is requesting fire support. They are reporting an attack of unknown ships. You are going to have to act above the surface of a planetoid. An old Federation plant was converted a few years ago, it was used to build ships and modules for Cybers and pirates. Now the plant is empty, but its machinery is perfectly fine.

Pilots can now get a new achievement for completing PvE mission ‘Fire Support’


Special missions

Piltos! Special agent of the Inquisition Miranda del Arte is calling for you to destroy all the infected marked by the Inquisition! The best mercenaries will get exclusive modules for their ships and a special title!

‘MEM Inquisitor’ missiles required for special missions are available in the store

Pilots who complete all the tasks will get a special title ‘W.I.T.Ch. Hunter’



New module Shield Havoc. Only available to pilots who successfully complete all special missions from Miranda del Arte

A dangerous cloud is generated at the target’s location. In 4 seconds all the ships in the danger zone start losing 9-12% of their shields each second for 7 seconds

All ships in range are affected

Cloud diameter 1.8 km

While the cloud is being charged, shields are not drained

The cloud is generated at the target’s position but does not move


Dreadnought battle

Starting today, the longer you’re holding the sector, the higher your rewards become. We recommend you to hold your sectors for as long as possible, since the rewards for five days of owning a location are significantly higher than that for the first day.

Reward increases with each day of ownership

Maximum reward is reached on Day 5

Rewards do not get smaller after reaching the maximum

Losing a location resets the reward


‘Arms Race’ main reward

Corporation SCORPIONS has received its own decorative element for the dreadnought




PvE missions ‘Defence Contract’ and ‘Fire Support’ now show the distance left for the cruiser to travel

Open Space

Reduced damage dealt by Alien scouts

Weakened Alien predators


Bug fixes

Fixed a bug with missing Pulsar visual effects on ‘Commander’ ships in PvE mission ‘Defence Contract’


Special agent of the Inquisition Miranda del Arte reports: conditions of Halloween tasks have been changed. Now it’s easier to fulfil.