Star Conflict 1.2.1

Star Conflict 1.2.1

In this update we added new corporation logos, changed daily login rewards, adding new sounds of engines and afterburners for secret project ships, changed the synergy gain system, significantly improved stability of Sector Conquest, and tweaked balance and mechanics of modules at higher ranks.
Playing at high ranks must be dynamic, with a wide field for experimentation in ship assembly. We analyzed the statistics of your battles, use of implants, as well as the comments collected from different groups of pilots. A number of game mechanics and some implants allowed to create perfect ship builds, robbing the game of diversity and creating significant imbalance. We modified the mechanics to give life to alternative builds and make battles depend more on creativity and actual combat skills. These changes are not final and may be tweaked in the following balance updates.


Corporation logos
The following corporation logos have been added to the game
Scattered Eagles (updated)
Bogatyri Of Galaxy
Grey Cardinals
NOD SPECTRUM (updated)
Freedom and Unity

Daily login rewards
Pilots now get free item packs as daily login rewards
[space=80]Pilots get ‘Rusty Containers’ for the first 4 days

Pilots get an ‘Adventurer Pack’ for the fifth day
Guaranteed credits reward in PvP and PvE is 85%, the rest part of reward depends on efficiency
All secret project ships now have unique engine and afterburner sounds
The ship Cyning had its module effectiveness bonus replaced with turn speed bonus
Intentionally leaving the battle no longer gives you synergy, and victories are no longer counted in PvE or PvP statistics
Matchmaking : PvP battles have better balance
Special Operation now displays the number of active outposts
The client is now available in Hungarian
Special Operation: Destroyer
You can get up to 3 ‘purple’ spots per day at each difficulty. To get the second spot you have to save half the outposts, to get the third one you have to save all eight outposts.
You can complete all missions the same day and collect the remaining rewards.

Synergy gain
For convenience the HUD now always displays synergy rewards. To improve the system encouraging useful actions in PvP battles, synergy is now instantly awarded to players.
Synergy for dealing damage is now awarded instantly.
Synergy rewards for kills and assists now have fixed values and do not change with the damage dealt.
Since gaining synergy has been made easier, the reward for victory in synergy has been reduced by 58%
PvE and Invasion mode
Synergy rewards for kills and assists now have fixed values and do not change with the damage dealt.
Synergy reward for kills has been increased and reward for assists decreased
Removed effectiveness display from HUD. Pilots now only see synergy gain.
Added synergy reward display for medals.
Interface now clearly shows that a standard ship with the maximum synergy level brings you twice as much synergy in battle.
Players leaving battle no longer get synergy and have a defeat added to their stats.

Sector Conquest
Battles can no logner have more than 8 players on one team
Fixed a bug with corporation pilots flying with an enemy dreadnought
Fixed a bug with decorative figure display on dreadnoughts. It’s only available to winning corporations in the Arms Race
We also fixed many other important bugs in dreadnought battles


Ship side quests

The ship side quests were reworked:

from now on the quests have 100% chance of completion;

from now on the players are offered 1 quest per day.The players can not start a new quest without completing the current one;

completion time and rewards are changed;

the quests are related to the maximum player’s rank. The highest rank of the quests is 12, so that players with ships of 12-15 ranks get the quests of the same level;

the type of the reward depends on the hangar in which the player accepted the quest. For instance if the player accepted the quest in the Imperial hangar he/she will recieve loyalty of legion or wardens no matter which hangar he finished the quest in;



Mass Driver
Previous weapon version didn’t leave the enemy any chance to evade or counter it at medium and long distances.
Projectile speed reduced by 20%
Projectile acceleration to max speed increased to 6 seconds
Scatter Gun
Too high effectiveness values among different player groups. The weapon was used by more experienced players thought it was meant for rookies.
Critical hit damage reduced by 67%
Slightly reduced projectilve velocity and turn speed
Phase Suppressor
Damage increased by 10%
Flux Phaser
Damage reduced by 10%

Tactical Warhead
Warhead used to deal high instant damage, but now pilots have a chance to fly out of the affected area with the least possible damage.
Explosion damage reduced by 30%
Cloud damage increased by 40%

Ammunition in previous versions change the characteristics of weapons and its functionality too much, which had a negative effect on gameplay.
Curved reflector
Damage bonus reduced by 25%
Range penalty reduced by 33%
Shaped Charge Shells
Critical hit chance bonus is 9% now
‘Supernova’ Deflector
Damage bonus reduced to 20%
Projectile speed penalty reduced from 33% to 30%

Active modules
Engine Suppressor
Too low performance indicators and low utility of the module pushed us to increase the frequency of its use.
Active time reduced by 20%
Cooldown time reduced by 22%
Energy drain reduced by 17%
According to feedback on the operation of the module, it was decided to reduce its active time, the number of holograms and energy consumption.
The nubmer of holograms reduced to 1
Hologram active time reduced by 15%
Cooldown time reduced by 25%
Energy drain reduced by 11%
Aiming Overcharge
Gunship module cooldown times did not fit game dynamics.
Significantly reduced cooldown times on all ranks and Mk.
Reduced active time on all ranks and Mk.
Engine Overcharge
Reduced cooldown time on all ranks and Mk.
Particle Purge
Modules restores a small amount of shield after use

Passive ship modifiers
Mounting identical modifiers
To increase variation in ship builds we decided to reduce effects from multiple identical modifiers. Following the results of mass tests we introduced several changes.
Now identical modifiers mounted on the same ship have different effectiveness
The first module has 100% effectiveness
Two modules have 90% effectiveness each
Three modules have 80% effectiveness each

Special modules
Tweaks of new modules after the first statistics analysis.
Legion Microwarp Engine
Jump preparation time reduced to 0,6 seconds
Microwarp Engines of all types
Now all versions use the same amount of energy
Raid Diffusion Shield
Reloading time reduced from 45 seconds to 40
Tech Diffusion Shield
Reloading time reduced from 45 seconds to 40
Energy replenishment changed from 600 pts. to 1000 pts.

Ship roles
Using modules of these ships requires constantly having the enemies locked as targets.
Roles ECM and Tackler got a target locking bonus.

Another implant tweak pass should reduce the difference in characteristics of ships of adjacent ranks.
Beta-catalyst «Armadillo II» (8-2)
Time of immunity to slowdown reduced to 2 seconds
Neuroaccelerator «Rapidus II» (10-1)
Module cooldown bonus reduced to 11%
Neuroaccelerator «WPN-FS3» (10-3)
Module effectiveness boost reduced to 8%
Neuroconnector «Rapidus III» (13-1)
Module cooldown bonus reduced to 5%
Neuroconnector «Ant II» (13-2)
Damage bonus reduced to 15%
Neuroconnector «WPN-F70» (13-3)
Damage bonus reduced to 1%
Bonus limit reduced to 10%
Neuroconnector «Gigas III» (14-1)
Control immunity time reduced to 4 seconds
Neuroconnector «Albatross II» (14-2)
Invisibility time reduced to 2 seconds
Neuroconnector «SR-X»
Active time reduced to 4 seconds

Bug fixes
Text improvements
Fixed a bug in description of “Neuroconnector «SR-X»” (14-3)
Fixed a bug with repeated victory message display
Fixed a bug with being unable to open stats window from debriefing
Fixed a bug with being unable to reject a mission
Fixed a bug with invalid ‘Like’ display
Fixed a bug with invalid debriefing display
FIxed a bug with invalid Special Operation rewards
Fixed a bug with invalid monocrystal rewards
Fixed a bug with indestructible Destroyer shell
Fixed a bug with ‘Sign’ button in contracts
Fixed a bug with ‘System Hack’ not working on several objects

[Discussion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28340-star-conflict-v121-discussion/)

Added information regarding the ship side quests rework.  :012j:

Star Conflict 1.2.1 Update #1

Pilots! A small update has been installed on our servers!

Sector Conquest

Fixed a bug with corporation pilots launching into battle on a wrong dreadnought