Star Conflict 1.10.5 Cosmonautics Day!



We wish all our pilots a happy “Cosmonautics Day”! 61 years ago, the first manned flight into space took place. In honour of this event, information screens on space stations were updated and there are satellites instead of drones in space. Pilots can complete the special “Cosmonautics Day” achievement and take advantage of special holiday rockets. They also say that a strange flying object was seen in the border sectors!

Free bundle Star Conflict - Pikabu



A special holiday bundle created in collaboration with the website All pilots can get the bundle by activating the “SCPIKABU” key on Gaijin online




The bundle includes:

  • Jericho command fighter “Black Hort”, rank 3.
  • Premium license for 7 days
  • Unique portrait “Cookie astronaut”
  • Paint “Pikabu”
  • Sticker “Pikabu”
  • Four taunts from Pikabu:
    • The cookie says hi! And so does the sweet roll.
    • You were destroyed by the 49.5 caliber weapons! You cannot wash this shame away.
    • So, what’s it like to be in space without a ship? I’ve been around like that for 2596 years.
    • If Brovastik saw me now, he would’ve been proud of me.


You can enter the serial key of the purchased product in store


One game account can receive only one bundle.

Festive stickers and pattern



New unique holiday stickers and a new colouring scheme have become available. The pack will be available for a limited time!


  • Sticker “Welcome”
  • Sticker “Space comrade”
  • Sticker “Space food”
  • Sticker “Stars await”
  • Sticker “Fetch!”
  • Sticker “Space conqueror”
  • Paint “Alligator”


You can get all the stickers and the paint in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Festive Bundle №12”. The cost of the bundle will be automatically reduced if the player already owns stickers from the bundle.

Festive pattern for the ships Endeavour and Spiral



Pilots! In honour of Cosmonautics Day, the ships Endeavour and Spiral get unique colouring schemes, available only in the bundle “Cosmonautics Day”. Ship components “Lost technology” Spiral and Endeavour can be obtained in a special container bundle “Star Conqueror”. The container can be purchased with galactic standards.


Collect the legendary ships in a special holiday painting!


Please note that the bundles will be available to players for a limited time


Blood Tormentor

  • The ship is now available at rank 16
  • The unique power supply system boosts the weapons by 10% for each source of damage, but by no more than 50%.



  • Weapon damage increased by 10%
  • Kinetic projectile speed increased by 15%


  • The in-game chat is now unavailable for players who have played less than 50 battles

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the targeting system of the weapon “Energoplasmer”
  • Fixed a bug when seed-chips could affect the rate of fire