Star Conflict 1.10.33 1/33



This week you should expect some truly stunning changes. Ships, weapons, modules and modifiers, game modes — we changed everything we could! And what we couldn’t change… well, it’s ok, this should do. This year we are celebrating the 10-year anniversary of our space universe. What if we added everything that made you fall in love with the game back to Star Conflict? What if we add some amount of insanity as well? Also, our April patchnotes designer has finally left his lair, and now he is ready to create again!



  • Thar’Ga, Tai’kin, Waz’Got, Ze’ta — The parameters of these ships were returned to the values at the time of their release (except for quests with special modules, we are not sadists)
  • In addition, all methods of increasing levels (except for quests with special modules, like we stated before) were returned to the same state.
  • Yes, we know that now they require special parts, such as “Vitreous neuropil”, that are no longer available in the game. But that’s not our problem.
  • Albireo — now the scout can steal hostile destroyers that are left in the invisibility mode
  • Destroyers. Removed close-range damage
  • Destroyers. Added long-range damage.
  • Destroyers. The damage stands somewhere in the middle between close range and far range.
  • All ships that had been moved to the highest ranks were returned to their previous positions with the same parameters
  • Now all ships have access to all modules. We have no idea how you will add the “Tempest launcher” on your recon ship, but just imagine how beautiful the rockets will fly in the warp.
  • Now when a ship is destroyed, it will be disassembled using the principle of “matryoshka”: Destroyer - frigate - fighter - interceptor - big drone - small drone - mortar shell - peaceful atom.
  • The ships are now 100% balanced, it has been confirmed. If you think they are not, then that’s not the case.


  • Fort-4 launcher. The laser is now so thick that we are still shocked.
  • “Omega-B” has finally found her alpha.
  • The meson cannon has now become a meson laser
  • The “Thunderbolt” launcher may no longer return to you if you have not fired the projectile gently enough.
  • The “ML-V2” emitter can now mine bitcoins
  • The “Flux phaser” now just destroys enemies on approach.
  • “Destructor”, like a long time ago, now simply does not allow you to capture beacons.
  • The singularity generator now deals damage not per hit, but only when it is located “inside” the object.
  • The mass accelerator is still not very popular, and it is not very useful, to be honest.
  • Same goes for “Vulcan”, by the way.
  • Well, the phase suppressor has the same problem too.
  • Should we buff
  • Zeta?
  • Oh sick, let’s do it
  • Guys, these are the patchnotes, you cannot just chat here
  • Oh, sorry!

Modules and modifiers

  • AIMA. The mechanics have been changed to its initial one - now the module activates auto-guided weapons.
  • Cluster torpedo. Now it splits into other cluster torpedoes. And so on into infinity, until everything becomes one big cluster torpedo and destroys the entire location and your computer.
  • Structure Analyzer. Now it analyzes the demoralization level of the enemy team and can give a motivational speech if necessary.
  • Right, that’s enough balance, can’t you just play without modules this time?
  • Balance is everywhere! Thousands of changes have been made!
  • Cruise Engine Modification. The module’s parameters were changed to its original ones. It’s IMBA, go ahead. Use it.
  • Magnetic disruptor. Now ships with different poles are attracted to each other
  • The spatial scanner can finally find your apartment keys and your second sock!
  • Sphere of displacement: after some consideration, and decided that this modifier is too weak in the current realities of the game. We have carefully redesigned its mechanics, which now directly affects the space-time continuum. Now the world literally revolves around you!
  • The adaptive shield has returned to its original state. Now it gives resistance to the hull again.

Game modes

  • The “Sector Conquest” mode has been returned to the game, but the dreadnoughts flew away because they got things to do. We don’t know how it works — we haven’t tested it, you’ll figure it out.
  • The faction wars are finally over.
  • There was a block of text here, where did it go?
  • Are you talking about new PvP modes? Sergei removed it, it won’t be included in this update
  • Stop using patchnotes as a chat!!!

Open world

  • It’s open again. (we forgot to open it last time)
  • The biomorph killing counter has been re-launched! Kill exactly one million biomorphs, and we’ll figure something out, maybe we’ll show you a cartoon or something. By the way, the counter is artificial and spins in the way we want it to. It should display a million when we finish the update. Probably. But keep getting those numbers up!
  • Bug fixes.
  • Not a bug. Closed.
  • It’s an issue with your internet, everything is working well from our side!
  • Fixed a bug where after major tournaments, the teams could not send a request for prizes for too long. We haven’t tested it yet either, but the teams said that everything was fixed.
  • This is not a bug, it’s a feature.
  • All the features are now considered bugs. Share your bug reports on the forum
  • Why fix it if it works as it should?
  • A project without bugs is not a project, but a boring nonsense! We have to fix something from time to time, don’t we?


  • Manual turns return to the game! Show everyone how you hit the enemies without doing anything!
  • Guys, the spaceport is being shut down! Please subscribe to my telescope!