Star Conflict 1.10.2 Happy Universe Defender Day!



Pilots! UMC wishes you a happy Universe Defender Day, a holiday traditionally celebrated in February. Protect the Universe from enemies, win and get rewards!


Festive brawl “Orion’s belt”




A lot of time has passed since the opening of sectors in which, as mercenaries believe, there are traces of the Precursors. These are places that Dr. Pavlov himself considered one of the main secrets of ancient civilizations. Despite this, interest in the sectors is still not diminishing. Often everyone, from an ordinary mercenary to an influential factional figure, hopes to gain profit trying to find something valuable here. There are also followers of the Pavlov’s cause. Enthusiasts from all over the world are trying to find the unknown and expensive in the sectors, fighting for the opportunity to scan every asteroid.


Sometimes there are several expeditions fighting for “possible” and “expensive” data, creating a real cross battlefield in which it is almost impossible to understand who belongs to your team and who is hostile.


  • The brawl is available every day until March 2. The rest of the brawls will be disabled during this time.

  • Players divided into three teams participate in the battle.

  • Players use their ships for battle.

  • When the ship is destroyed, you can take it an unlimited number of times.

  • Special points are given for destroying players of enemy teams.

  • The team that scored 30 points or destroyed more enemies in the given time wins.


Players can earn new achievements for winning in the “Orion’s Belt” mode

  • For 5 victories you can get the “Team player” achievement

  • For 10 victories you can get the “Team’s hope” achievement

  • For 40 victories you can get the “Dream teammate” achievement


“Orion‘s Belt” brawl marathon


Attention all pilots! The UMC received an emergency contract from the so-called Broker.


  • All mercenaries, who took places from 1 to 10 in the leaderboards recorded by UMC engineers on March 2, will get unique paint “Defender’s camouflage”, 500 monocrystals and 1000 GS.

  • All pilots who take places from 11 to 25 in the brawl leaderboards recorded by UMC engineers on March 2, will get 1000 GS.

  • All pilots who took places from 26 to 40 in the leaderboards recorded by UMC engineers on March 2, will get 500 GS.


Festive achievement

Only during the holidays you can earn a special achievement “Baptism by fire”! To do this, you need to shoot down 10 enemy ships in PvP battles. The achievement will allow you to get a sticker “Defender of the Motherland’s star”.


The event is available for a limited time and will end on March 2!


New bundle “Tactical clipboard”


  • Pattern “Distant Homeland greenery”

  • Sticker “Space forces”

  • Sticker “Frontline girlfriend”

  • Sticker “Earth shield and blaster”

  • Sticker “I serve the Empire”

  • Sticker “Cosmic gift!”


Festive stickers and pattern



Holiday stickers and paint are now available. The pack will be available for a limited time!


  • Paint “Danger”

  • Sticker “Space shapka”

  • Sticker “Н(Т-34)О”

  • Sticker “Perpetual race”

  • Soldier’s sticker

  • Sticker “Lucky star”


You can get all the stickers and the paint in a special container bundle. To do this, you will need to go to the “Bundles” tab and select “Festive Bundle№23”. The cost of the bundle will be automatically reduced if the player already owns stickers from the bundle.


Holiday bundles for February 23



During the holidays, all pilots will get access to special bundles with weapons.


The “Protector I” bundle

The bundle includes the following weapons:


  • Shrapnel Cannon R5-8

  • Plasma Gun R6-8

  • “Sk’Rah” launcher R7-9

  • Assault Railgun R6-8

  • Singularity cannon R7-11

  • Thi’Lith beam R6-8

  • Thar’kth cannon R7-9

  • Proximity mortar R6-8

  • Heavy blaster R6-9

  • Dag’tnith launcher R7-9

  • Coilgun R7-11


The “Protector II” bundle

The bundle includes the following weapons:


  • Shrapnel cannon R8-12

  • Plasma gun R8-12

  • “Sk’Rah” launcher R9-13

  • Assault Railgun R8-12

  • Singularity cannon R10-14

  • Thi’Lith beam R8-12

  • Thar’kth cannon R9-13

  • Proximity mortar R8-12

  • Heavy blaster R9-13

  • Dag’tnith launcher R9-13

  • Coilgun R10-14


“Protector III” bundle

The bundle includes the following weapons:


  • Shrapnel cannon R11-17

  • Plasma Gun R11-17

  • “Sk’Rah” launcher R12-17

  • Assault Railgun R11-17

  • Singularity cannon R13-17

  • Thi’Lith beam R11-17

  • Thar’kth cannon R12-17

  • Proximity mortar R11-17

  • Heavy blaster R12-17

  • Dag’tnith launcher R12-17

  • Coilgun R13-17


New packs “Star Conflict: Razor” and “Star Conflict: Razor. Deluxe edition”





Pilots! New packs “Star Conflict: Razor” and “Star Conflict: Razor. Deluxe edition” are now available in the official project’s store. The deluxe edition will be available for a limited time until March 21. The ship will be available to pilots without time restrictions.





Star Conflict: Razor. Deluxe edition

This pack includes

  • Enhanced modification of the rank 15 ship “Razor”


Additionally, the pilot receives:

  • Permanent credit earnings bonus +10%

  • Decor “Burning leaf”

  • Patterns “Titan” and “Cerberus”

  • Unique portrait “Naoki Morita”

  • Pattern “Lifelines”


Additionally, the pilot receives the modules:

  • Gravi-Beamer

  • Slowing projector

  • Realignment

  • Inhibitor beam

  • Engine suppressor

  • Vernier engines

  • Catalyst injector

  • Adaptive shield

  • EM-diffuser

  • Crystal plates

  • Target tracking coprocessor

  • “Horizon” module


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 90 days!


Star Conflict: Razor.

This pack includes

  • Enhanced modification of the rank 15 ship “Razor”

  • Unique portrait “Naoki Morita”


Special bonus for everyone who buys the bundle — Premium license for 30 days!


The development of Razor began in 4598 at the Bosco Family shipyards. The new fighter ship was the first to include powerful synoptic conductors, with a neural matrix in the center. Advanced protocols allow the pilot to make a connection with the ship in a few seconds, and this link between a man and the ship is so strong that when the ship is damaged the pilot feels pain, even if he’s millions of kilometers away from the battlefield.


The Raid Command praised the promising development, and the fighters began to join the elite units. According to rumors, Razor pilots try not to expose their ship to fire and are constantly improving their maneuvering skills. The Tackler has become a real hunter of pirate and Cyber ships.


The leadership of the Mendes Family provided the mercenaries with a version of “Razor” with limited functionality, so that the UMC pilots were also able to master this ship. And although piloting the fighter requires a lot of experience, mercenaries don’t have to be afraid of burning their brains out due to overloading.


Currently, all of the produced fighter ships are undergoing modifications designed by the Mendes engineers. The updated Razor received new control complexes and improved power supply system. The shields of the ship have also been significantly modified.


Balance changes




Target capture time increased from 1 to 3 sec.



Hull durability increased by 8%.



Hull and shield durability increased by 8%.



Hull and shield durability increased by 15%.

The ship’s maneuverability (strafes, turns) increased by 15%.

The use of the special module additionally increases the hull and shield resistance while it’s active by 30 pts.





Max. spread reduced to 1.2 deg.

Weapon damage increased by 30%.


Disorient gun

Projectile speed increased to 7000 m/s.


‘Fort-4’ launcher

Beam width reduced to 20 m.


Singularity Cannon

Damage reduced by 5%/


Thar’ga’tok launcher

Damage increased by 10%.


Vacuum resonance laser

Debuff radius increased to 700 m.


T’Har’Ok beamer

Fast projectile speed increased by 20%


Damage decreased by 10%

Special modules


“Styx” combat drones 

Object destruction radius increased to 2000 m.


Combat reconstructor

DPS reduced from 1800 to 1550 dmg/s.


Vanguard plasma web

Cooldown reduced from 55 to 50 sec.


Condensing crystals

The capsule pickup radius increased from 100 to 200 m.


Quantum leap

Maneuverability bonus decreased from 15 to 10%.


Guided torpedo

Increased reload time from 12.8 to 16 sec.

Additional damage from the cloud to destroyers increased by 2 times.

Added information about additional damage from the cloud on destroyers to the special module’s description tooltip.


Crystal predator

Increased the total repair by 1000 pts. (500 with a penalty).

Total damage (and repairs too) doesn’t take the very first tick into account.


Balanced swarm, attack mode: 

Attack range increased to 4500 m.


Special module “Hive”

Rate of fire increased by 4 times.

Reduced damage by 4 times for one “tick”.


Weapon systems sabotage


DPS increased to 850 dmg/s.


Active modules


Devastator beam

The cloud’s active time increased up to 8 sec.

Cloud damage increased by 20%.

Module reloading increased to 32 sec.


Waz’Got battle station:

“Ally boost” stage: increases the parameters by 15% instead of 10%

Range increased to 3500

“Induction charger” stage: Energy recovery increased from 70 to 95 pts.


Protocol regulation
Active time decreased from 6,5 to 3,5 sec.


Harpoon M1
Reload time decreased from 40 to 30 sec.


“Prometheus” defence

The ship’s shield and ally’s shield increased to 10,000 pts.


Satellite crystal

Cooldown time increased from 22 to 30 sec.

The maneuverability debuff reduced from 50% to 35%.


Gravitational lens

Setting range reduced to 5000 m.



Now it deals damage to drones, repair stations and other autonomous mechanisms (including the Ze’Ta swarm).


Repair kit large

Recovery increased to 7500 pts. (17 mk.4).


“Supernova” torpedo

The allowed deviation from the course increased from 5 to 8 degrees.


Repelling beam

The maximum repulsion speed is increased by 2.5 times.

Damage increased by 2 times.

Active time reduced to 2 sec.

Energy consumption increased to 1500 pts.


Hybrid missile 

Energy consumption increased to 1500 pts.

Damage from the missile explosion increased to 3500 pts.

The drone’s rate of fire increased by 2 times (the damage remains the same, and the damage per second will increase by 2 times)


Missile shield

Increased active time to 15 sec.


Swarm Control and Dead Hand

The probability of damage caused by collision has been significantly reduced.


Crystal drone (Thar’ga module)

Range of fire increased to 4500 m.

Drone durability increased by 500 pts. (Mk.4 17)



Structure Analyzer

The module’s active range increased to 20 km.


Balanced defence

The increase of resistances increased to 100 pts. (Mk.4 14)


Antifriction sphere 

Speed and strafe acceleration increased by 20% (Mk.4 17).


Speed balancer

Additionally constantly increases the time before heating the weapons by 28% (Mk.4 17).


Lightweight hull

Hull durability penalty increased to 6.5%.


Engineering regenerator

Now the death of allies within the specified radius serves as a trigger for its activation.


In-game texts improvements


Projectile irradiator

The range and speed of the pull are now specified.



The range of the barrier is now specified.


Synergetic disintegrator

Improved the module’s description in the English version of the game (added values of increased damage to destroyers).


Drone operator RepK-2

Repair kit’s active time is now specified


“Stasis” protocol

It is now specified that in passive mode it provides 50 pts. of resistance to the shield.


Cruise engine modification and Swiftness sphere

The reduction of maneuverability and energy consumption increase are now specified in the description.


Kinetic supercharger

The cloud’s damage, size and duration are now specified.


Reactor overload

The damage of the explosion after the ship’s destruction is now specified.


Static barrier

The range of setting the barrier is now specified.


Phase suppressor

The damage and duration of the debuff left after the shot are now specified.


Satellite crystal

The projectile flight speed is now specified.


“SHROUD” generator

The duration of the created cloud is now specified.


“Kai” fission launcher

Fixed the description: The cloud restores up to 4500 durability to nearby swarms in a 600 m. radius on hit.


“Constellation” generator

The cloud’s size is now specified.


Overheating laser

The duration of the weapon debuff is now specified.


Thor systems overcharge

The beam’s damage radius is now specified.


Beam disintegrator

The beam’s damage radius is now specified.


Harvest crystal

Damage to the carrier during activation is now specified.


Jump drive

The duration of the active zone and the duration of the generated cloud at the starting point are now specified in the module’s description.


Hammerhead Autonomous battle station 

The time to prepare the drones and charges is now specified.


Drone Marker

The description now indicates that when used on a hologram, it is instantly destroyed.


Emergency jump

Description changed to: If the hull durability is below 15%, the ship jumps forward.


Destroyer energy router

Added a paragraph about the maneuverability increase to the description.



Suppression destroyers

Respawn time increased to 1 minute.

Pilots! Additional balance changes have been added to the game servers:


Damage decreased by 10%


Protocol regulation
Active time decreased from 6,5 to 3,5 sec.


Harpoon M1
Reload time decreased from 40 to 30 sec.