Star Conflict 1.10.1 Mysteries of the Universe. Stage two (Discussion)




can we have a list of fixed bugs,  as a  list of SC-numbers ?


  • To get the paint, you must complete a special task in the game.


Ok, but where is the special task?


13 hours ago, Hydrus606 said:


Ok, but where is the special task?


I think it isn’t available yet - if I had to guess it will show up closer to Star Conflict’s actual birthday

Okay it’s what… day 3 now?
Feedback time.

Albireo :

  • Fort-4 is absolutely nuts (if you can aim)
    • Beam width stat is misleading - not always active seemingly
  • Autonomous barrier torpedo is a pain in the rear
    • If an enemy has AoE, a Thi’lith or an Emperor it is completely useless
    • If they don’t have any of the above it is blatantly overpowered
    • There is a rare but nasty script error/memory leak involving them that hasn’t been pinned down yet - might have already been ninja-patched
    • Only active drones are affected by ECM stuns and system hack
      • You can only kill the drones by stunning the destroyer, not the interceptor
  • Combat Regroup System is pain
    • Module cooldown is too low (70 seconds for a full heal cycle)
    • Undock only happens under 100m/s
    • Dock only happens under 200m/s (or potentially whatever the Destroyer’s afterburn speed is)
    • The Destroyer split seems to be a hotbed for bugs
    • RF blaster is completely un-usable at high ping
      • Passive bonuses from Albireo don’t work on the interceptor - so the EM bonus is 100% useless confirmed
  • Albireo’s modules are too close together
    • Engines, special module and all modules are within 50m of each other at mid ship

The rest of the pass is a okay so far seemingly - the seed chip pack is a massive pain to deal with as it throws all 30 seed chips  into one mail piece forcing you to delete seed chips until you have room for all 30 if there is even one chip in the 30 you want to try or keep.
The stage 14 paint is nice - good colours and a noticeable animation and the amount of decors in the phase is surprising.


Other things this update:

  • Destroyer camera bug fixed finally
  • Cruise engine fixed finally
  • Oh my god please just fix Fort Muerto already it’s so painful to look at
  • Brain Drain’s spawn locations have broken
    • Protect the Dock sequence enemies spawn 17km away
      • yikes
  • Spatial Stabiliser’s audio has somehow decrompressed itself?
    • It sounds like you’re focusing a digital camera
  • Razor is okay - not better than Sawtooth which isn’t even for sale anymore (bruh)

I was rather looking forward to building Dead Hand but have noticed there is no arch/neocortex bundle in Stage Two. Our corp has a couple of other disappointed Ze’ta builders too. It would be nice if including one could be considered by the devs. Thanks.