Star Citizen

Anyone have it and is it worth $50 in “pledge”?

I would wait until the game is done, and then you can see what it is like, and if it is worth it.

I would ask on Star Citizen forums

Anyone have it and is it worth $50 in “pledge”?

There is already a topic about Star Citizen in the forums. You can search in there for opinions.


So far it is just an early alpha. If you are really into space sims and you think that you are going to buy it no matter what, I would recommend you buy the cheapest pedge of all. It cost about 30$ and it is like preordering the game. No alpha access.


I have bought the 300i package and so far I’m happy. I can test the game, they are improving it day by day, and I think that they will make a very good game in the end.


The main problem is that, “in the end” means two years at least. I won’t expect a full game (with the sandbox universe) till mid-late 2016.


On the other hand, Elite dangerous is much more developed and polished. But it is more expensive, and it will have only the space sim feature. No atmospheric flight, no planetside, no fps…


Also, elite is more WW2 dogfight (turn and burn), while Star Citizen is looking for a full 6 degree flight model (like in star conflict here)


It is up to you.


But the core space sim

Well i have tried both.ED is 80% done and it will be released this year, while for SC release date is still unknown.

ED will at start have only space part but atmospheric flight, planetside, fps, multicrew ships…are planed in future addons.

SC is a cash shop, you pay more you get better ship and this bring the big question, will it be P2W?

In ED all starts with same basic ship.

As for combat SC for now is arcade style similar to star conflict while ED is much harder to master with real newton physics and directional trusters.