Standard Synergy symbol instead of Free Synergy symbol!

Bug report: (incorrectly shown Synergy symbol color on any nodes)



This is an old bug. This bug is active on all Ellydium ships - Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin, Waz’Got.


What happened?

Every module upgrade shows Standard synergy - white synergy symbol color (235500).


What should have happened?

Every module upgrade needs and uses Free synergy - purple synergy symbol color (235500)


How to replicate this bug?

  • select any Ellydium ship (Thar’Ga, Tai’Kin, Waz’Got)

  • upgrade some node (any node will do)

  • observe the information written on the panel when you click on a node. (screenshot 1)

  • click on the Learn button (observe the information now - Synergy symbol is changed/incorrect - color is white instead of purple) (screenshot 2)



Screenshots: Example only.


(screenshot 1) Information here is incorrect - The Free synergy symbol is white instead of purple!



(screenshot 2) Information here is correct - The Free synergy symbol is purple.





[2017.09.08](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=15311)

I don’t think it’s a bug. Nodes for upgrades are using any synergy. If the normal one is available it will use normal one. If there is not enough normal one, free synergy will be used. So price is displayed as “synergy”, however if you click on “learn” it will show you how much of standard synergy  and the free one will be used. In your example - synergy requirement will be fulfilled from the free synergy pool.

In case you have enough standard synergy available it will be displayed like this:


Well, then explain, why is it only taking Free Synergy from me, when I still have enough Standard Synergy?

I got a total of 1,6 Billion Standard Synergy, so all node upgrades will be shown with a white symbol (*)

Free Synergy is currently above 80 Million.





However, I am not sure, what would happen, if I would click on the Learn option.

Maybe Waz’Got is fixed, but if so, then I know that it’s quite possible that there is still the issue with Thar’Ga and Tai’Kin.

However, I am unable to test that anymore.


I am pretty much sure that it will take Free synergy instead of Standard Synergy. Check the logs!