Stage 6. The Storm



Cryptogram FRST17-245671
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent : Friday, January 8
Contract : The Storm
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Pilots! We have to concentrate of fighting the agents of Miss Summer. Destroy the ships marked with a special sign in all modes.

The enemy won’t let us catch our breath, they’re attacking everyone in sight and trying to reach the tech we pulled from Leviathan! The enemy forces are led by Miss Summer! What matters now is giving a fight to miss Summer’s agents. Show them we’re not to be trifled with!

Cryptogram FRST17-2452677
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent : Friday, January 8
Subject : Faction Bonus

Pilots! The fifth stage is complete. Pilots on Jericho ships win again! Their ships had the most wins during the stage. Current bonus: +70% synergy in battle

This concludes the event. The bonuses will be valid while Stage 6 is active. Good luck in battle!





It’s time to protect the stations! Summer’s Agents together with raiders have launched an attack on faction stations in Open space. Destroy raiders and agents distinguished with special exclamation marks in all modes. You have to hold on just a little longer!