Stage 5: Calm Before the Storm

Cryptogram FRST17-245521
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent : Sunday, January 3
Contract : Calm Before the Storm
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Pilots! We need you to perform special assignments in Open Space mode, marked with a blue exclamation mark, every day. You are our only hope.

Information about the concealed Alien portal to Leviathan is now available to everyone. Thankfully, we managed to pick out all the good stuff! Our mysterious competitor has completely vanished. I suspect that they are preparing a diversion. Therefore, we have accelerated the conversion of our stations for construction of Destroyers. We have to remain vigilant. Fly around the sectors and see if everything is fine.

Cryptogram FRST17-2452297
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Posted : Sunday, January 3
Subject : Faction bonus

Pilots! The fourth stage is complete. Pilots on Empire ships win! Their ships had the most wins during the stage. Current bonus prior to the next stage: -65% on standard Empire ships

*Discounts on other ships — 50%

But the competition continues. Choose your side of conflict. Fight on its ships. Earn wins and bonuses.

Current stage: