Stage 4: Operation ‘Star Hook’



Cryptogram FRST17-245447
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Sent : Wednesday, December 30
Contract : Operation ‘Star Hook’
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc.

Take part in the tournament on the map ‘Leviathan. Catacombs.’ Tournaments are now held every day.

Because of your victory, mercenaries, corporation Klauss Inc. gained control of the Leviathan. We learned how to open one of the Alien portals. As it turned out, a certain competitor had been following in our footsteps. We decided to deal with the problem like gentlemen — the strongest gets the reward.

Cryptogram FRST17-2452267
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Posted : Wednesday, December 30
Subject : Faction Bonus

Pilots! The third stage is complete. And again the Jericho wins! Its ships had the most wins during the stage. Current bonus prior to the next stage: +50% loyalty from contracts.


But the competition continues. Choose your side of conflict. Fight on its ships. Earn wins and bonuses.

Current stage:
*Discounts on other ships — 50%