Stage 2. Fallen Star



Cryptogram FRST17-245246
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Posted : Thursday, December 24
Contract : Fallen Star
Employer : Ms. Frost, Klauss inc

Mercenaries! Capture beacons at ‘Northstar’ Crash Site by taking part in the tournament. Tournaments are held every day!

Together, we found the dreadnought «Northstar». We know that the expedition of Dr. Pavlov managed to infiltrate one of the major Alien structures, once considered impregnable. Some of the data we are interested in is stored in Naberian navigation beacons. Fortunately, the local baron constantly holds tournaments, and all the mercenaries are invited.

To participate in the tournament, you’re going to need ships of certain ranks. Follow the news!

Cryptogram FRST17-2452248
From : UMC
To : all@pilots_star_conflict
Posted : Thursday, December 24.
Subject : Faction bonus

Pilots! The first stage is successfully completed. Jericho wins! Its ships had the most wins during the stage. But the competition continues. Choose your side of conflict. Fight on its ships. Earn wins and bonuses.