Stabilized railgun

the stabilized railgun has a very high time to decrease the spread -> this should be lowered a little bit

the damage should be raised, so that the t2mk3 deals ~300dmg / shot




i played at tier 2 - 2 and used this weapon (mk2) on my phobos aura…it takes a long time to shoot down the enemy and after the third volley your shoots hit anywhere but the target

Seconding this.  As it stands, the Stabilized Railguns are trash, and I made the mistake of buying the cash one.


Low DPS, High spread after 2nd-3rd shot.  No reason to use them over standard or rapid rail guns.



i played some time with the stabilized railgun and since you figure the weapons mechanic out it’s easier to use…yet a small damage boost ~ 10% would come handy

yes, damage could be better, but as far as i remember it was nerfed because of camping snipers…

So they nerf the railgun instead of the lulzworthy decimator?  okay…