squad missions and league suggestions

Hi, several month ago the game had squad missions and i loved it.

Please add new and more squad missions. If this is a problem for the match maker i suggest to add them like league, which can only be done during certain time phases. Thus players can avoid it by simply playing 1h later or earlier.


Also league mission rewards are too low in my opinion, 2 and 4 or with license 3 and 6 Mono crystals compared to 40 each weak and 5 for 2 hours, only being online - are nothing. Why should anybody play at all, just sit in hangar and wait for your rewards, that is just stupid - sry. You could just simply throw the rewards in there mailboxes for free and instantly.


Please increase league rewards (mats, loyalty voucher and credits) or even better add more league missions. Force players into flying league, there are far too few groups.


And at the end i would like to suggest a overall new league system, one which allows match making with common pvp battles. Allow group queue of 2 - 5 players only during certain time phases and only if you fly squad with 2 - 5 pilots you are matched against such groups. But not only match groups of 5 vs 5, also match 2+3 vs. 2+3, 2+3 vs. 5. Maybe 2+2+1 and 4+1 groups too. But the latter would mean that newbies (the +1 in such groups) can not avoid pvp league battles during this very time phases. If one do not want to play these battles, he/she is then forced to play pve or coop. Im not sure… just think it over.

On 8.12.2017 at 9:25 PM, MathModelSim said:

Force players into flying league, there are far too few groups.

u r not serious right

forcing people is the problem in the first place.

enticement with good rewards: okay, super. force? no pls.

that actually cost us enough players, as this was done in the past.


On 8.12.2017 at 9:25 PM, MathModelSim said:

one which allows match making with common pvp battles.

common pvp battles need more squad support, or squad play should be part of pvp, i agree, however, the problem there is actually the rank system.


i dont see how SCL can be made played more, than actually making squads more part of regular pvp, and pushing and fixing that experience, since the only way SCL is going to work, is if the population is large enough, to have enough people who want the competitive small scale, as a sort of “alternative”. however the biggest attractor is the large pvp arena, which gets neglected again and again as a primary focus.


to be honest, while some seem to not see this, the main issue with the attractiveness of leagues is the scale. 5v5 is - after a while - boring in this game. its hard enough pvp forces you to 2v2 nowadays.

nobody comes to play a f2p arcade space shooter only to play in 5v5 matches. there, in that regard, star conflict has a lot better alternatives after all, which focus on such gameplay, and if you are that competitive, you will also learn how to fly in cockpit.

many ships and modules are better in larger arenas, with multiple enemies, or cannot compete in smaller games because they cannot take the focus for too long.


any game that has teams bigger than 7 players forces you to deal with emerging chaotic elements. any group - in any scenario - larger than 7 people needs more focus on hierarchy, formation and tactics, than individual skill and prearranged strategy. i encountered this topic not just in computer games, but in military topics, social sciences, or general sports.

for a space “battle” game however, this chaotic element is extremely addicting and immersive. suddenly 3rd person control allows you to enjoy the flight and chaotic explosions, and you do not even care, that all weapons are slightly aim helped, and the low resolution rambo has a higher hit rate than you individually, because aiming in star conflict is actually hitting the hud marker. however all this breaks down, once you dont get the numbers, and it is reduced to “competitive” matches on a smaller scale.

it suffers from similar, but even more drawbacks, than e.g. battlefield vs. counterstrike.

its also very visible if you compare the game to an even more “arcady” 3rd person space shooter, battlefront 2, where you wont even mind the amount of bots playing (but it is a lot more brainless aswell), and in fact, the space shooter part of that game is usually the only part which never really got any negative press.


imho one of the biggest mistakes anyway was to take out gold rewards from tournaments, as they were the most player retaining gamemode, even played long after players layed down regular gametime. it was not just the removal of gold, but together with alien ships and destros, it kinda killed the game for many. sadly.

On 8.12.2017 at 9:25 PM, MathModelSim said:

…Force players into flying league, there are far too few groups…

Why? Don’t like it.