Squad Chat bugged

Sometimes when in a squad or wing, the squad chat will not work for anyone. Each member can only see what they type into the squad chat, both in a game or in the hanger. This has happened for PvP, PvE and Invasion. The bug seems to have only started after this patch. I have seen in the global chat that other people are experiencing the same thing (as well as everyone in the squads i have been in).

I see this also

Sometimes,after i close my chat i always see the last post that i wrote that was either private or squad,or if someone gave me a private or swuad message and i already read it.it still shows up like 40 min after i read the message.wtf i already read i dont need some fcking reminder -_- so annyoing dont know if this is what your talking about

The entire new hangar chat is crap. The old version was much better.

I don’t receive anything from Squad or Corp Chats at the moment.

noticed the group chat in custom games does not work either