Spy Drones Adjustment

As of current, most players know that if you hit a wall, spy drones will be instantly canceled out.


Turn spy drones into an effect module, and get rid of the ‘bumbing into wall to get rid of drone’ mechanic.

Decrease the anti regen and healing to 25-30%.


This will allow it to be countered with anti effects modules,

and it’ll allow the module to be more effective overall.


Look into decreasing active time by a considerable margin.

Perhaps to 30-40 seconds of active time, instead of 70ish.

If I were to change spy drones at all, I’d tone down the healing debuff, decrease the active time, or increase the reload time. Possibly a combination of those. But the bumping into something to get rid of it is really nice. It creates a bunch of tactical pressures - bump the drones off and take somewhere around 100 damage plus whatever enemies do? Pop a multipurpose and deal with 4000 damage on the margin? Or take it like a man?

I’d only make it harder to remove. Like, unless you make a good crash into something they wouldn’t disappear. But I think they’re fine as they are now.

Drones screw up my full regen builds.

Nerf drones!

Drones screw up my full regen builds.

Nerf drones!

He is buffing the drones…