Spring task marathon



UMC reports that Arthur Gage, co-ordinator from the Empire, offers unique tasks to all pilots as part of a special event ‘Spring Marathon’. The campaign will last till 09-00 MSK of May 10.

Win PvP and PvE battles on ships of ranks 7, 8, 10, 11 or 13 with maximum synergy level. As a reward you get a valuable bundle free of charge! Including bundles with neodium, beryllium and components of new premium ships Archelon, Stingray and Brokk.

Note that you can only have one of the five tasks from the ‘Spring Marathon’ at the same time! Bundle should be collected at the same day as task was completed, otherwise it will be lost.

Already heard the noise about ‘Ellydium’ and ship smuggling? I must admit that in the middle of the Invasion this is a brilliant idea! If a transport with an assembled ship comes under fire you can say goodbye to your vessel. If you lose a shipment with parts — just wait for the next one! UMC decided to implement this technology, but some oppose the idea. We must fight back!