Technical level: 10 - 15 rank

Format: 6 vs 6

Battle mode: Capture the beacons

Maps: Only cards selected by the administration (paragraph 4)

Tournament date: 13-14 april 2019

Time: Battles start at 20:00 (UTC+3)




1.The tournament is Forbidden to use:



Sawtooth         rwsEVRrQ-hUKjdVgUi_zjC0mM87TWhToo4MCVjdG                               ** Object NY18            **WUXiirbCI9Punl-V8voBOgbt7UxeQj0Dblfd8q5U






11 rank


Antares  dgmCElrI_ATUNHk0jNz8_cj6BVDbzIFEBcKBhlPM                      Sibyl  _U5lUgPg2Y1AFCUDockIJfZJMqJmKdu6Ae0W7mUh                    Brave    xMln7C1VwROlQnmHHW1QeHof58y1tjCO865C4SBS****  

 ** 14 rank**


  Vigilant   **ytHGTsshZlsjX7YkCKrRx8w3EiPvjfGaJ9jOlodF****                     Sirius      ****YovDlEdwadb_-mrscBC7LWjGTcvpFhUWM8pKxBNK **            Tyrant   pTISvXLp5dYA8zzl7uSm_uMdR5HanZXOkDTdk0oJ




Ellydium Ships


Ze’Ta  eXetk5OnhVe3nZAkXk7tVajri330QJEwkvvUYnl4                  Tai’Kin    -Lu96Eh5BEvdR4NWXrH-1kezS8NX2SjH522wZKuK      


Thar’Ga    Ch5LQ1_DTzZywvBnnng6n3N_IwsqEF-ur-CxUguk                      Waz’Got   hF6NLZDyw7Buwxdl0RvX6clO0gwTiFnmMfZkfBjh





ALL Ellydium modules + “Shield Seal” (Karud) are FORBIDDEN


2. Number of teams is not limited. Each team consists from 6 players and 4 reserve players.

3. For the group stage and play-off, the maps are selected from the following list:


Group Stage

  1. Monolith remains

  2. Northern mining station

  3. PB-42

  4. Ice Reef

  5. Threshold


  1. Eastern mining station

  2. The Source

  3. Ancient ruins

  4. Destroyed station



4. Friendly fire (team damage) is enabled.

5. Registration will be opened on 29 march 2019 and will continue through 11 april. The draw will be held on 12 april, at 22:00 (UTC+3).

6. Number of ships in slots of each player — from 1 to 4 ships.

7. There can be uneven number of teams in groups (with an odd number of teams).

8. In the group stage each team fights each team twice with change of respawn side.

9. For each victory team gain — 3 points, for draw — 1 point, for lose — 0 points.

10. If number of teams will allow it, tournament will be ended after first week.

11. If in group two or more teams gain same amount of points, they will play additional round to occupy higher place.

12. Team that took first place in group will fight another team that have taken second place in next group, team that took third place will fight another team that have taken fourth place and by analogy.

13. Play-off will go on until any of the teams has 2 wins. Draws are not counted.

14. Finals, semi-finals and match for third place will be played until three wins (if there are three draws, then fights will continue until first victory, or victory will be gained by team that have most wins to this moment).

15. Team which failed to enter lobby in 10 minutes after being called, or team that is not present on the tournament at all — gets technical defeat.

16. For “contracted” battle (“loss on purpose”, “pre-arranged battle” etc.) both teams will be banned from tournament no matter the stage of it.

17. If team member is disconnected from the game - team must continue the battle, except for situation from next point of rules.

18. If member of a team is not present within 1 minute from match start (disconnected from game, failed to enter the match) - team can request to restart battle or to replace player using reserve members.

19. Replacing/Adding players after end of registration is forbidden.

20. Server location is determined by administration. Administration will try to make equal conditions for both teams.

21. For incorrect behavior of individual players of teams, namely: incorrect behavior in address of another team, spectators, streamers or commentators of tournament; unsportsmanlike conduct — player will receive warning. For repeatable violation — player will be disqualified, will lose all rewards and team will continue playing with less people to the end of tournament.

22. Teams and players who have deserted (disqualified) from tournaments/events, after being registered and respective registration have ended, and also players which was banned by administration of game for violating rules are allowed to take part in this tournament only by tournament administration decision.

23. Attempts to sabotage the tournament will lead to immediate disqualification.

24. It is forbidden to change in-game nickname after registration.

25. Administration decisions in any disputable/questionable situation are final.

26. All other rules are stated in the general rules of cyber activities. In any questionable situation tournament rules have top priority.



In connection with the violation from 2 march 2019 at the tournament “Royal Games” of paragraph 22, namely, the withdrawal of the team from the tournament to the end of the team “PVE boys” which includes the players (Nicky at the time of registration): xlMaxlx(captain), DeleteD, ECMnoob, DeaIDuck, NorthMetalhead,  Sawatari, ELDuck, WarloRD, iDNO. All of the above is forbidden to participate in this tournament.



















All teams in play-off s** tage will receive a reward**

50 xenocrystals and 50 monocrystals + 10.000.000 credits


The opening team (if selected) will receive a reward 

any painting in game (except Golden dragon) + 5000 galactic standards (everyone)


Each player who is chosen as member of Dream Team get 500 xenocrystals and 500 monocrystals

+ 50.000.000 credits
















By decision of the administration of the tournament in the list of prohibited active modules is added “Shield Seal” (Karud)      Li6QuPSoeo2pBUJECsC9DRRbkyTq9u-U3QWQxS3U




Live broadcast round 1-3-6-8-10


Live broadcast round 2-4-5-7-9




Tournament is over