Spiral Improvements

Spiral with heatsink does not work at all; (firerate is same with or without heatsink while using eclipse launcher anyway) *this is a bug*

Spiral as recon:

  • using eclipse launcher; firerate is super slow and overheats after like 4 shots (useless) Spiral is engineer and eclipse is ideal but that is preference but should be fixed nonetheless
  • there is no way to upgrade the active modules on the recon portion
  • no missiles whatsoever on recon portion (the active module mines are great and reload fast so this isn’t big deal)

working as intended you say? ok but this isn’t bug report, its improvement report.

The recon portion is nearly useless if you are using eclipse launcher.


The only real thing I see that needs to be improved and fixed is the firerate of recon mode using eclipse launcher and firerate of engineer mode with heatsink installed.

Another thing I just thought of is the mines; make them so we can explode them manually by click the key bound to it again.

Well, I understand the eclipse launcher, since you have two turrets its like firing on the side of a frigate, as they also fire sequentially, there is an issue with the mass driver tough, lower fire rate than on the frigate side, so not only halved DPS from only two turrets firing but even lower for some reason, I don’t think that the firerate changes according to the number of turrets that you have.

try coils. even better. XD

Yeah, I get that certain weapons are better depending on the situation but eclipse launcher is broken not to mention heatsink doesn’t work at all.

they only needed to reduce the damage, not reduce the overall rate of fire.  and the MiG portion is not affected by ship modifiers(hull/shield/engine/capacitor/cpu)(though i think the spiral specific cpu MIGHT affect it, not exactly sure).


And fix it’s function in OS.  Keep forgetting to reconnect with the ship and i keep loosing access to my missile cartridge while in OS because I warp with the MiG by mistake and it force connects them after you enter the next zone, trapping you with no missiles.

Also Spiral needs nerf. It’s OP.