Special weapon issue

Had any developer ever use the special weapon barred owl of the irbis ship?

This weapon is literally trash, a charge up weapon that increase spread when charging up?dude are u mad? The angel is not even 1.5, 2.0 or 3.0 it’s freaking 4.2 full charge d and starting from 1.5! And also another deadly problem, u can’t do single shot by fast click the mouse, it have a delay and would increase spread very fast. The weapon also have an long cool down time for 4.4 second, and the charge up time is about 2 second.

Comparing this to the punisher, the special weapon of kusarigama, it have a speard of 10 but it is have homing project, it fits the fight style of the ship. Go back to irbis, Why are u so mean to irbis dev? Irbis have no special active module, a stupid module that increase hull and shield regeneration upon active special module, but dude, this is a fighter, it have NO HULL REGEN!!! It is not a premium rank17 so it can’t use special weapon and module from the tech tree. It only have this stupid special weapon that not good at dealing every kind of target,
this is not a weapon that shall mount on the Tackler fighter, it have a good looking dps data but if u really have used it u would know it is so hard to hit even half of the shots, it have slow firing rate, big spread and bad cooling time.

U can’t fight against interceptor cause they are small and nimble enough that u can’t even have an effective hit, u can’t fight against fighters, other fighter have better weapon than u, which have loger range, better accuracy, they can effectively do damege to u while u can’t, also not considering the resistance issue and the shot u can hit, u still need to hit 3-4 full hit to take down one fighter. Destroyers looks like to be a good target, but still the weapon make u uncomfortable, the range would be very short, hit destroyers at close range? Sound reasonable? But wait, the ship itself is not a nimble ship, it is fast, but not nimble, it is not a gunship that can’t do tons of damag e in a short period, it is still a tackler, destroyer could kill u very fast.

And take a look of Baphomet, it makes everyone that bought or build irbis look like a freaking clown! Everything irbis can do, it does better, that irbis can’t do, Baphomet can!

Irbis had went out of almost a year and i never see a balance patch including the ship or weapon, seems nobody noticed there is a ship which is in bad situation(i hardly ever see it in all modes, 5-6 times through a year). I’m here to ask a question, would u balance it, dev? Or it is just an abandoned ship that nobody cares?

It’s not special weapon, it’s skill issue

There isn’t any skill issue, only a suck weapon. Never see any one play irbis with it, both pve and pvp (although very little play irbis cause this ship sucks), mostly bring assault railgun and ion emitter. The strength of the ship is not qualified even as a rank 16 ship, the jericho rank 16 singularity apparently more qualified as rank 17. When we talking about ship strength, mostly we think at least it is working, for example, the new ship hadrian, not so strong but at least it works, isn’t it? In unicorn player it can performe better, that should be the logic of designing ships. If u really think u are such a “skilled” player, who didn’t even care about basic ship strength, go to War Thunder and play British techtree, that would be totally fit for u.