Special UMC missions. Xenocrystal rewards


Dr. Conrad Dimeni has prepared new special tasks ‘Teamwork’ for pilots in squads.

Special container ‘Manufacturing pack’ obtained as a reward for ‘Teamwork’ missions now has a rare chance of yielding xenocrystals instead of Dart and Gargoyle ship components.

Mission ‘Teamwork: squad’:

  • Destroy 150 destroyers, Ellydium ships or 200 other ships.Every pilot randomly gets a contract condition from a list. 
  • As a reward, the pilot will receive xenocrystals.

Target ‘Teamwork: destruction’:

  • Destroy or help destroy 10 ships, while in a squad
  • As a reward, the pilot will receive xenocrystals.
  • The contract is re-issued in two hours from the time you accept one

_ Having a premium license increases the reward! _

Other important changes in the task system
‘Alien Technology’ missions can be refreshed once a day. Refresh timers are shared for missions in the open space and ‘Alien Tech’ contracts. The next contract will be available for execution 6 hours after accepting the previous one.

Faction loyalty contracts and ‘Teamwork’ missions are now completed on ships of the maximum available rank of the chosen sides of conflict. This ship must be in a combat slot, but you don’t have to use it in combat

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