Special pirate weapons


Lucas Horn, a Federation representative at the UMC from New Eden station, reports that his old friend has arrived in the fringe sectors. The captain of the free cruiser “Scotland” is known for being unafraid to swim in the most dangerous corners of space, and always returning with particularly valuable cargo.


A special offer from Lucas Horn! Only during the “Moon Race” event pilots will be able to get special pirate weapons:


Pirate Missile bundle 
The bundle includes 4 blueprints of unique missiles:

  • Repair missiles. Medium-range homing missiles. Average thermal damage. A capsule with nano-drones remains at the spot of the explosion, restoring the hull and shield of the ally who picked up the capsule.
  • Inhibitor missiles. Medium-range homing missiles. Average thermal damage. Reduces the enemy’s hull and shield resistance on hit.
  • Cluster rockets. Medium-range homing missiles. Average thermal damage. If the missile misses the target, it is divided into several homing warheads.
  • Heavy repelling drone. For the missile slot on destroyers. The drone generates an anomaly that repels ships. The anomaly does not deal damage.

Pirate weapon bundle
This bundle provides:

  • Pirate positron cannon. Accurate EM long-range gun with medium damage. A critical hit stops the accumulation of weapon heat for a few seconds.
  • Pirate Gauss Cannon. A reliable weapon at long range. Can accumulate charge. A critical hit increases the damage of the main weapon for a few seconds.
  • Pirate shrapnel cannon. A deadly kinetic weapon. High spread and low rate of fire do not allow to use it effectively over long distances. A critical hit reduces the target’s turn speed for a few seconds. The effect stacks several times.

Take part in the Moon race! Get pirate weapons! The offer is time-limited! Learn more about the “Moon Race” on the official website of the game.


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team