Special pirate ammunition


Lucas Horn, a Federation representative at the UMC from New Eden station, reports that his old friend has arrived in the fringe sectors. The captain of the free cruiser “Scotland” is known for being unafraid to swim in the most dangerous corners of space, and always returning with particularly valuable cargo.


A special offer from Lucas Horn! Only during the “Moon Race" event, pilots can get special pirate ammunition:


Pirate Ammunition   
The bundle contains 3 blueprints of unique pirate ammunition:


EM ammunition

  • Boosted Charges
  • Increase destroyer damage and total damage.

Thermal ammunition

  • Lens system
  • Increases destroyer damage and total damage.

Kinetic Ammunition

  • Armour-piercing shells
  • Increase destroyer damage and total damage.

Take part in the Moon race! Get pirate ammunition! The offer is time-limited! Learn more about the “Moon Race” on the official website of the game.


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team