Special Ops: Defiler and Destroyer - Wing assembly

This thread is here for one reason.

Those, who wished to participate, failed to get enough decent and capable players.


I am seeking Tier V Veteran/Elite pilots, however, any other pilot can also participate, provided that he will use a Tier V ship, which will have the proper equipment/implant setup. At least one ship is required!

Tier V Mark 4/5 equipment is recommended, but isn’t mandatory!


Very important: Each pilot should have at least 10 Duplicators, before we start such an event.


Here is how it looks like, right now.











Wing list composition: (actual wing, which will participate in the battle)

1.) Koromac (Wing’s Leader)

2.) John161


4.) Ravendark

5.) MadPhoque

6.) BlueSea

7.) TheDarkMatter

8.) niripas

9.) Papitas

10.) NuclearHail

11.) StatueofLibroty

12.) MuflonUrsus


Reserve list composition: (players from reserve list might get placed to the real list above, if someone is unavailable, etc.)

1.) OmegaFighter

2.) Pr0ximity

3.) Erador

4.) DarthDirk

5.) Kurdi

6.) PrM

7.) LudwigHR

8.) xevilxGodlike

9.) JCNB

10.) phoenixfire009

11.) Nightmare8182

12.) Aggressor


13.) Mecronmancer

14.) conectiv

15.) D6KA



There are 12 spots. Those, who qualify, please report and describe what ship will you use. I will only accept a full wing!

It is also important to know your time zone, so write it down as well. (GMT format only). I live in GMT +1 time zone.

Please, if you have a diffrent in-game nickname, you should write it down.

Please, also write your other available ship roles, that you can use. (Tier V only)

For now, nothing is decided yet. I just wish to see, if there is enough interest, to keep such missions going.

I will always take the ones, which responded first on this thread. If there isn’t enough room or spots for you, you will be either put on the reserve, or you will be postponed, until the next such match starts again.

I think that this will not be a problem, though.


Like I mentioned, we need to have rank 13-15 ships (Tier V system) to fight Defiler and Destroyer, just to ensure that we get top quality loot.

Tier V loot has a special chance, that it will give you a free ship part for free. Those, who seek to construct any Secret Projects, will need them.


I will ask around.

We will schedule a match, (at least on Fridays and Saturdays), if nothing else. Write, when you have time.


Defiler will no longer defy us!

Destroyer will be destroyed!


We are not playing for the time records or achievements. We play, to ensure the victory. If we succeed, we will try to improve our time!

Destroyer mission also features maximum reward yields, if you preserve all 8 outposts, if possible.



Let me know, what you think!



This thread will also be edited a lot, since I will add members, change mission’s time and type.




Special Operation - Defiler will most likely be the first one we test, before Destroyer.

Aim is to win, to be victorious. Then we try to improve the teamwork and tactics.

Preparation is essential.

We will probably need 30 minutes just for preparations in TS3 channel.


OmegaFighter has given me permission to use the WPK’s Teamspeak channel.

Teamspeak 3 (TS3) address, if you got any questions:

TS3 Category: Public Squads

TS3 Channel: Special Operations, Main Group, Portal Group, Inverter Group

Feel free to add me to Steam friend list, if you got any questions. You can also meet me at TS3 channel, or write me a PM.

Steam ID: Koromac (red-hooded ninja avatar)


Exact date and time will be placed here, at least 24 hrs. (1day), before we start! It also depends, how many people are online.

Reserve players will most likely be needed! I want to have at least 8-12, or even 15 people on the reserve list.



Stay tuned!



Today’s update:


Check this:


Teamspeak3 or Mumble address will be given, so that we can coordinate, which means that a microphone is strongly recommended.

If you do not have it, you will at least listen in the chat’s lobby.


Most likely I will speak to some other corp or we will meet somewhere, where we can all be in one lobby.

This is not an issue.


Once again, have at least 10 Duplicators!


Tactics will be discussed on the Teamspeak.

We all have the ships we need to beat this thing.



Status update:


Most likely we will assemble in WPK’s Teamspeak somewhere.

I’ll speak to OmegaFighter about this.

Already done!

Name: John161

Possible roles:Command(Aura), Engineer(Naga), Lrf(Dragon/Archdeacon), Gunship(Spark)


When I have actually time:Mondays and weekends

Possible roles:Command(all ships), Engineer(Octopus), Lrf(Dragon/Archdeacon), Gunship(all ships)
When I have actually time: weekend


All except microlocator pooper ship. I have spark yes.


Time mostly in late evenings.

Name : MadPhoque

Possible roles : Recon (Viking/Jarl/Berseker), Engineer (Naga), LRF (Dragon/Archdragon/Black dragon)

Timezone : GMT+1

Play time : on friend’s request (mostly evening, never the wednesday)

Nick: BlueSea  

Roles: Any

Timezone: GMT+1

Playtime: In the beta played ovceer 5-10 hours/day. Now, whit the “great” changes (irony) I play 5-10 seconds. :S

Name: TheDarkMatter
Possible roles : Recon (Cyning, Spectre Falcon) , Command (Aura , Sword) Long Range ( Inquisitor AE , Mauler)

PLAYTIME : All day in the afternoon , full Weekend, not on Mo(o)ndays

Name: niripas
Possible roles: Any
When I have actually time: Any unless something IRL pops out :slight_smile:

Name : Papitas

Possible roles : LRF (Kraken with torp), Engineer (Naga), Command (Aura/sword S), Guard? XD (patriarch), All my modules and weapons are mk5/4

Timezone : UTC-3

Play time : USA primetime mostly, but i randomly log into europe primetime if i have free time.

Don’t forget to record it, guys!


Possible roles: Anything. Missing only the Empire SPs, Saw One, Caltrop, and Peregrine. Have every other ship in the game and suitable mk4/mk5 gear for each. (May need to transfer some gear between ships depending on what’s needed.) Also, I will avoid taking Gunships whenever possible.

Timezone: GMT-4 (EST)

Play time: Between Jericho and Federation dreadnought timezones. But I will only do Destroyer specops unless my team is very, very good, and coordinated effectively.  Not a fan of Defiler post-changes to Singularity and Phaser.

Bonus: Have 500+ duplicators. Can play Engie well. I have sucked less, improved my skill, and become unbad. And I want moar purple loots!


Don’t forget to record it, guys!




Play engineer and long range (all standard ones, plus mauler), or gunship (all standard ones, plus spark). Only lacking some purple EM insulators, otherwise all purple.

Time at GMT - 6, CST. Do happen to have a rather open schedule right now, although won’t be available on  the weekend of the 18th.



Name : MuflonUrsus

Possible roles : all standard T5 Ships

Timezone : GMT+1

Play time : 5pm- 10pm my local time

Also guys, don’t forget about this

Also guys, don’t forget about this

It isn’t on our priority list, but we will think about it.

It isn’t on our priority list, but we will think about it.

I need the exact date or I delete!


(I’ve added this thread to Important messages, hope it will help)

Name: OmegaFighter

I’m always ready to kick some aliens around!

Roles: Gunship, Recon, LRF and if totally necessary even Engineer. (This for Spec Ops)

Avaible at: ~14:00 to 21:00 at GMT+1

I need the exact date or I delete!


(I’ve added this thread to Important messages, hope it will help)

We shall see!

I am not a fortune teller. SOON !

Be patient!