Special Operations update



One thing that should be updated in Spec Ops is the notification “a squad member is in battle”. This comes up when you try to launch, and you see the wing is blocked because of… who??


This is vague, when you form a wing you should have the option to see who is in battle, so you can kick him. It’s highly impolite towards the other 11 members and it’s a waste of time for the team, to keep them locked. The other option is to disband the group, which is another ‘no-no’, just because of a rude member or a spy (yes, some do this on purpose, to sabotage the wing, and you can’t see who that is).


So please update this, there are lots of ways to do this.



Usually they are in Open Space. Could simply say “Could not start due to Player X is in battle mode : Open Space” etc