Special Operations specific ship type

Hi all,


It would be a nice idea to help players run Spec Ops with a specific ship type.

A few examples: 

  1. When you run “Defiler”, you would have a tick-box where you could choose: gunship, destroyer, LRF and so on. Also, you’d have a box with “Mix”, for those who want to keep a mix team, like it is now. So if the wing leader says SO + gunships, everyone would use a gunship. 

  2. Eden: you could choose ‘mix’ or: interceptor, recon (with 35% capture speed), gunship, etc. 


You got the point.


This idea came from a competition with a friend: i offered to run an Eden 12-wing only with recons (35% speed capture) versus him, with a team of gunships. The test was to see which team would win faster. 


Right now it’s very hard to get a specific team like this, because when you write co+/so+ everyone gives a + instead of actually reading the text. So if someone tries to form a wing like “SO/CO + recons only 35%” this is what happens:

  1. most players do not have a recon with 35% ready, prepared. That means: the right weapon, chips, modules and so on. To get it ready in the 5-10 minutes until 12 people gather, would be a sort of mistake;

  2. a lot of players do not read the specifications, they go on “automatic” mode. So instead of having 12 recons, you start with 3-4 gunships, a few Hammerheads and maybe a few dessies/ecms/tacklers. Some players do not read/speak english and if you kick them because they don’t follow the specs, it’s ugly. But, at the same time, “35%” is clear in any language and normally everyone should be able to understand that. 

  3. from a normal time of about 2-5 minutes to form a wing, you get to 10 minutes+, if you’re lucky. So it would be very hard to do it like that.