Special Operation - Destroyer (Tier V - Rank 13-15) loyalty contract bug

Bug report:


After I completed Special Operation - Destroyer (Tier V - Rank 13-15), I expected that a contract will get successfully completed. It didn’t count.

I used ships of maximum rank (Rank 15 - Saw One, Jaguar, Thar’Ga, Sirius). Sirius is a rank 14 destroyer, but because I had 15 ships slotted, it should count.

I also used Alien ammunition - Resonating charges (EM) on my Sirius destroyer.


It’s unknown, if this bug also applies for Defiler (Tier V - Rank 13-15). I think that it does, though. So, both Special Operations will not work for some reason.


Screenshot: (Loyalty contracts - varied in requirements, same objective that requires to deal damage to the enemy for all sides of conflict.)



I suspect three possible issues:

  • only this contract is bugged

  • all contracts in general are bugged (even when requirements are valid, but only in Spec Ops - Defiler and Destroyer, or just one of those modes)

- I used Alien ammo ammunition - Resonating charges (EM), which probably do not work for such contracts - an oversight)


Logs: (Only check data stamps for Special Operation - Destroyer - Tier V (Rank 13-15) - time around 06:00 PM or 18:00)

[2017.05.20 14.34.02.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14299)


Do not forget to check other alien ammunition.