Special Operation: Destroyer T5 - Meson Cannon dealt almost no damage to Gravity generators

Bug report: Destroyer Spec Ops - T5


What happened?

I used a Meson cannon with special 200% damage (alien) ammunition. I used a rank 14 Sirius destroyer, I had implant 2 Jericho for spread reduction.

Once the generators (90% hull integrity) started to get active, I was firing directly on first to second generator for a few minutes.

No thermal damage indicators were shown, only sometimes.

I assumed that it was the spread, so I stopped shooting and I started again, but I clearly saw that gravity generators got hit, even heard the sound effects for that.


What should happen?

Meson Cannon should deal “thermal” damage, when fired upon both generators. There is no obstacles.

I am requesting that this is tested for a possible bug issue, because it’s clearly suspicious. I am aware of spread, that’s why I am requesting a re-test.



Thermal Weapon - Meson cannon deals way too low or registers very little damage on gravity generators, than expected otherwise

Other related issues:

Pyro Emitter - thermal damage, also does not apply for gravity generators only (already reported)

Sniper shots - thermal damage (some reports say that gravity generators also do not receive thermal damage)

Nukes - thermal damage is not caused to gravity generators

Gravi-Lens (black hole) module - doing no kinetic damage, while active in vicinity of gravity generators


Logs: (check only the last entry - Tier V Destroyer PvE match, it lasted over 15 minutes or so)

2016.12.31 16.35.47.zip

Ok so here is the result of some quick test of thermal weapon

intercept, fighter and frigates thermal weapon are dealing dmg to all the part of the Destroyer anomaly generator as well.

intercept nuke dmg are dealing dmg to the Destroyer. Dmg of the nuke are showed on the anomaly gene but does NOT deal dmg to it.

intercept plasma blade does not deal dmg at all:  -->emitter not affected

                                                                             -->core not affected

                                                                             -->direct hit on the Destroyer does not affect

                                                                             -->anomaly gene not affected either

pyro emiter does not deal dmg to the anomaly gene

sniper does not deal dmg to the anomaly gene

torpedo of jerry lrf does not deal dmg to the anomaly gene

somehow tempest missile are dealing dmg


Every other ships seems to be good