Special Mish Re: Crimson Haze

I played The Crimson Haze Mission several times tonight, trying to get the reward for the special mish from the broker.

Problem… on two occasions I was cheated of advancement.  That is to say, We completed the mish w/ 21:10 SHOWING on the in-game timer… AND it DID NOT COUNT out at the broker.  But with a Mish time of 21:30 it DID count for the broker properly.

Twice.  Which meant I had to play the mish three more times to get the two “NINE MINUTE” time frames… that I had already Really achieved.

Nine minutes is NOT Eight minutes Fifty seconds.  It may seem like a nitpick, but If you set a limit, that’s what it should be.  Period.

I also think that the 30 secs we wait to actually START the mish shouldn’t count against us, but I’ll settle for the Timer actually registering and counting properly.



Make a proper bug report in the correct forum section, including logs

Otherwise it won’t get fixed, if there’s actually a problem.

I completed a mission exactly at 21:00 minutes, and it counted. So, i don’t know.

Logs would definitely show, if this was a bug or not.

Find them and upload them here. I will take a look as well.

The mission was counted if completed without dying.