Special anti-alien ammunition (Discussion)


Spec Ops P2W x)

Well does it still cost GS?

200 /game

gg wp, 200gs per game lol, aint nobody got gs fo’ dat.

I agree. 20 GS maybe. 200 GS is just insane.

It should also not be P2W, but craftable.

uh, yea…


that seems like a scam, kinda like synergy transfer.


I suppose some Aces will still buy it not knowing better, since aliens are “so hard!!!11”


Does it work in spec ops or just open space? I hope just open space. There you’ll get use out of it for a bit longer too.

  • 200 GS / 1 game

  • no manufacturing or any other way to get them, maybe not even daily login bonuses

Imagine running out of duplicators, undocking in OS and warping with a recon, crashing in the first gate because lag or improper coming-out-of-warp output from the game cuz that’s how recon warping is. 200GS right off the bat.


Consensus: NO!

This seems like an obvious scam, like, OH LOOK THEY NEED SOMETHING FOR OS, lets make them pay for it. If it were 20 it would be okay.

Obvious scam is obvious.

could be even one  i will never pay   GS  for ammo  

This is probably the only thing I dislike about the new additions. 200 GS is expensive for a single battle use. Crafted versions at half the effect strength would be more appealing. Or even making the recipe cost GS, seriously there are better ways of getting players to pay for stuff lol.

Or just nerf biomorphs or improve the loot they drop…


This is just ridiculous

200 GS? Really? Change it to craftable Ammo. Well, I won’t buy GS ammo, even if it’s only one GS.

It will be craftable.

But yeah, 200GS for ammo is… Was stated above.

I feel like they know how to code a game (dont bash my head) but when it comes to us players, well, should we help them on how to figure out the profit in this free to play game? Would be about time.

They aren’t interested in being told what people want to buy. Their view is anyone not spending hundreds a month can xxxx themselves.


here is another one in your collection  :fed014:

I don’t mind things purchased with cash shop currencies that let you gain XP, or in-game currency faster, but when it boosts your damage, that’s just not ok with me.