Spec Ops

I believe Spec Ops needs a major overhaul, out of the 10 times doing spec ops 9 ended up in failure.  Two issues that cause this is the gravity pull and the damage output of the ship it literally wipes a op out because there is no way to counter it.   Yes destroying the devices that cause the gravity will get rid of it but the issue with that is it has such high HP.  

I kinda like it, we rarely fail the mission (t4/5), it would be to simple without the gravity pulls

While Special Ops is very difficult or challenging, it needs better rewards yields. Balance is fine as it is, even when it could use some smaller adjustments, but it is within acceptable limits.


1 spot with monocrystals should give you 5 or 10 of them in Tier V, 5 in Tier IV and 3 in Tier III.

You should also be able to get 49500 loyalty vouchers.

Yes for how hard it is the rewards need to be way better. Should be guaranteed getting mats you need for Destroyers.  Rewards need to be better in open space also… like get rid of the randomness when you collect a mineral ore or crystal should never get credits. But that a different discussion.

But yes after doing spec ops 10 times all fail remove the gravity well it just simply not needed…

or move the generator elsewhere on the ship and reduce its HP.

Another thing I want to add the Destroyer in spec op tends to leave 20min before end of the battle? should reduce it to 5-10min instead.