Spec ops freeze stuck at certain point and main weapons problem.

hi Tech support.




I’ve been tracking this issue for the last couple days.

first of all

today at 1015 pm



Error report


| Describe problem and what you saw | weapons damage is minimal ( is been downgrade i don’t know ) ( or Its a bug). |
| What you expected to see | Please repair fix this bug |
| Conditions in which error reproduce | destroying fortune ship / Spec ops / hunting Destroyer Fortune  |
| Problem details | please dev, i really need you help  |
| Frequency of reproduction | frequent |
| Time of bug |

symptom or error i receive or happen to me 

  • weapon damage ( downgrade after joint Spec ops today and other mission)
  • main weapons fire and stuck for 2 or 5 second.
  • kinetic munition 7.4 doesn’t change my damage either kinetic damage or main damage on weapon( Heavy gauss cannon G2 12)
  • network problem ( have been kick out ) while in the mission.
  • about connection network( i got no problem about connection network before) 
  • keep stuck at certain point and freeze for a minute.


Server not found

  1. i have been kick out from server while i am playing Spec Ops ops at 10.50 am



  1. when i was doing the mission (special operation)
  • a) sometimes I can fire my main weapon some times not  ( stuck At certain point).


may i ask after farming or play at any system or station for example north mining site. then i want to back to hanger, after i click return to hanger why I’ve been disconnecting from server.


If there was better advice I would accept it,
and if there are any hints such as modes, or levels or this game system working as it should, please let me know.

if any advice from Tech team or senior

will be appreciated.



[2021.12.07](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21495&key=a87355713658d5e7eb7509c85b8778ab)[StarConflict.rar](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21496&key=af06b89b7c77118d901a48fbf3dada70)

[today 08 dec 2021 log and screen shoot.rar](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=21500&key=fda00f7ec556b132d232d596e12f359c)

Please test connection with,, using[WinMTR](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25324-info-connection-losses-high-ping-and-related-issues/)and attach result here

Have you tried looking at the stats of your seed chips? they could be your main source of problems for why your weapon behaves differently in certain game modes.
What you refer by dealing more dmg to aliens but nothing to destroyers. thats most likely the case of you having very bad seed chip choices

As for special operations freezing… you might just have a toaster pc that cant handle all the projectiles that some players push out to burst the living soul out of the aliens.
kinetic munitions dont rlly do much besides giving a miniscule benefit depending what kinetic weapon it is
as for freezing overall is either your computer or the server caused it in that case get better internet to fix the problem