Spec module chest reward

I have the ship already. I’ve had it for several years.
So when I get a spec module chest as a reward, what am I getting?
It appears that I get nothing. The news/event tab doesn’t tell me it was converted like it does for other parts I get for ships I already have.
So, what am I getting when I obtain one of those chests? 

Why doesn’t the game know what we have?
Why can’t the rewards for things like that change to something we don’t have?
You track EVERYTHING! How hard could it be to actually update the reward table with a routine that actually helps us?
If we ARE getting something other than spec modules then you need to make sure we are notified of what it is.
If we are getting nothing then you need to fix it.


Special Module  rewards are for ships with alternate Special modules available to them.
This currently includes:

Sword S

If memory serves correctly, at Rank 9 an alternate Special module requires 60 components and at Rank 17 requires 120 components. Once you have all components for an alternate special module, go to the ship you were collecting components for and click on the special module icon. This should open up a sub-menu with both special modules visible. Click assemble on the alternate special module once you have all components to finish up the process and prevent further component tasks from appearing.
The process for acquiring components may have changed since I last participated in it as I’ve collected all alternate special modules bar Phoenix as I don’t own one.

Thanks for the info.
BUT, the reward for a quest is just that chest.
I have 101 of the parts currently.
I haven’t built the upgrade. I will now. Then I will have 41 spare parts.

And what wil happen when I collect another chest with them in it?

We’ll see.


The 41 extra parts are gone and I got nothing for them
I checked the news tab and there was nothing there about the conversion.
So I am guessing that they are gone forever with no conversion and

that any further crates will result in effort expended but no reward.
And they wonder why the player base is shrinking.
Official word here please.
What happened to my 41 spares and what will happen to any new ones?


Just as I suspected, silence from the devs/support team.

Where are my spare parts?
What will I get from specmodule chests?



Did you open a support ticket yet?