Spawn Changes to prevent camping

In a lot of cases the game will result in one side on top of the others spawn. I think to prevent this issue the game should make the spawn area much larger and more random. By this IO mean up to 10,000m spread on the larger maps. This could have negative effects too. i think the game should have some sort of detection feature for alternative spawn patterns to prevent issues that could come from a larger spawn circle.

A lot of games will start 2 vs 2. One side might have really slow ships keeping them closer spawn. By the time the server gets more people you have a camp fest at spawn killing you before you get the first shot out.

I can say for sure: It suck total that you CAN’T choose where you spawn. This excels at some point in tournaments. If you are a frigate+ and need to go 5km+ to fly to your team or die trying to get into cover(which is useless anyway as 3+ will use you as target practice)…
And sometimes in normal PvP I see spawn attacking too which is really bad.

Spawn Camping is bad enough in PvP when one side out matches another, seen that happen all to often.

But look at the vs A.I. where you KNOW from the get go you’re going to be out matched. Lord forbid, you’re teamed with one member who has one ship @ r10… Cause you may get all 12’s & 15’s set against you whether not everyone else is r7-r9 or not. A shifting spawn in this case would be a good thing.  Maybe…and idea here…if you have one end that’s your spawn. You can chose between 1 of three general areas to spawn in? Gives the player some choice while still leaving some things like it is… just an idea.   

It would be nice if they made the spawn circle much larger. So many matches I join where the other team is camped at my spawn before I have even started. We just had a large patch, and sadly this is still not addressed. Also the captain thing needs to be adjusted. The captain match should not be able to add new players 30 seconds before the cap can die.

A bad team is a bad team, no spawn change will fix that. The best possible scenario is a dispersed spawn everywhere on the map with no quality in terms of tactics whatsoever. It will be just more chaos and no fun.

Simply said: Let choose your spawn. Especially in tournaments this is hardcore if you start as the engy/frigate in 7km distance to your team and then get auto-ripped by enemy because neither your team or you can come to the other to save your back…

There were some rules to prevent spawn camping and while they were in force there was less spawn killing. Now it’s back to “go to enemy spawn, leave one recon to capture” again.

Use the spawn invincibility Anakin!