Spatial Scanner - expanded functionality of its functions

I got a suggestion about Spatial Scanner improved usability.

People will then be more happy to acquire it.

It is essential that it gets improved, since it is meant to be a tool for Open Space.



Spatial Scanner.

There are 3 special Spatial Scanners, 1 for each tier, which means tier III, IV and V.

Purpose of Spatial Scanner is simple. You can detect any regular or non-regular cargo loot in Open Space.

One special functionality of such Spatial Scanner is the blue signal, which has a sole purpose as well.

Locating Mysterious Containers in Open Space. It is a great helping tool, which every player should own.

I would personally recommend tier V Spatial Scanner only or maybe tier IV. Tier III is limited in Open Space, unless if rank restrictions are lifted.


Why I am writting a suggestion about a Spatial Scanner?

I think that it needs this function, since it isn’t exactly popular among players.


Screenshot example 1:



As we can all see, blue signal indicates special hidden loot.

Problem is that Spatial Scanner do not have any additional functions or at least expanded selective functionality.



I would just add just 2 additional functions to it, since this device is only meant for Open Space. 3rd option is optional and it is described under Optional section.

  • It can detect and show any object in 2 km radius , even if it is behind any obstacle , where a radar usually do not detect any object, unless if you’re close enough or close to it.

  • Loot can be identified , before can be picked it up, but you need a 1km radius to analyze it. When it is analyzed, you know exactly the item you will get and the amount of value for certain item as well.

  Analysis can be instantaneous or it can take 1-3 seconds, but not more than that.






There should be a menu interface or a hotkey, where you would select, what you want to search for.

You could select between: (you could cycle between functions with a hotkey or by some interface options, present in the game’s menu, or when you click with your mouse on the interface in Open Space)


  • detect only ore deposits (only shows signal, if any workshop ore item is present in the loot nearby)

  • detect only crystal deposits (only shows signal, if any workshop crystal item is present in the loot nearby)

  • detect only loyalty vouchers (detects any or only selected amount of loyalty vouchers from regular containers, alien stashes, sealed containers and mysterious containers, if present nearby)

  • detect only Iridium items (example: all objects, which give Iridium reward, like Alien Neurotransmitter - 150 Iridium, etc.)

  • detect only credit items (usual loot - you could add that you can detect only loot, which can give you a certain amount of credits, like above 40k and only above that)

  • detect only Mysterious container (only shows blue signal, if present nearby) and ignores the rest

  • detect only enemy proximity signals (only shows yellow, orange or red indicator)

  • same as it is now - all active signals - ( green and only blue signal for the regular loot , which may be everything else, than the content from Mysterious container )




About 7% critical chance on the Spatial Scanner.

I would either lower it to 5% or leave it, but the problem is that this module stacks with any other Infrared Scanners (Mark 4 gives you 10%) and another 7% would give you a total of 17% or more.

I do not know, if there are any penalties, if you equip 2 or 3 Spatial Scanners of the same kind. This should be checked.


If it would be up to me, I would rather increase sensor range and remove critical chance % whatsoever, because it isn’t a combat tool, but it is an exploration tool in Open Space.

Certain radar range (Mark 4) bonus would be much more useful in Open Space instead, but it won’t impact the detection range of Spatial Scanner for Mysterious containers or any other loot.


Sceenshot example 2:



By the way, it isn’t supposed to get sold!

If it can be sold, then we got a bug, which was supposed to be fixed a while ago.



Do not forget to vote!






I 1000000% support this idea.


I’ve found recently, that the spatial scanner really isn’t worth a whole lot due to the ridiculous nerfs to the loot value, even from mysterious containers.  On top of that, depending on the color of the surrounding space, it can often times be hard to tell if something is green, yellow, or blue on your spatial scanner.  


Adding the filter feature would allow players to find just what their looking for, instead of being shown EVERYTHING in the sector.  And adding the feature to see the outline of objects even behind obstacles can make finding items easier (because it can get difficult and confusing at times).


I also think that it should be changed from a 7% crit chance increase, to something more in the sensor range boost department.  You’re absolutely right saying that it is an exploration module, not a combat module.



I’m very glad you brought this up, I hope these changes are implemented in a near patch 




Xelavian - CEO FDEF

Well, I see that people no longer browse the forum.

I am glad that you like it, so spread your word, so that others can vote as well.

I think the optional suggestions are more important than your main suggestions. We are in the future, surely we can adjust our scanners to detect what we are looking for.


Also, I agree with the change to the bonus the Spat Scanner gives, increased view range makes more sense than increased crit chance.


I find there are many things that could need much more needed love in open space


 … waypoint system in the ui …

 … less frequent and amateur spawns of enemies … looks like a kindergarten of biomorphs …

 … better ui for party management in open space …


i find the looting system even more obnoxious than the classical eve online, where you had to tractor each wreck and stuff, or you never finish looting; while usually it is really hard to see some of the containers anyway… so i just dont care for the loot, no time, no fun and usually just a disappointment to pick it up anyway. i saw in no mans sky you just fly through loot and pick it up, while in elite you have a fun little cargo scoop minigame or you buy looting drones; SC’s loot mechanic therefore is for me usually also more of a question, than the loot itself.


so I of course do not know, how much loot we get in open space, because, i do not care about it. I used the spatial scanner and all i find, is, that it should instead of giving crit chance, be otherwise a completely usual sensor range module instead, which is the major change i would love to see on it. I agree there.


so sorry if i cannot completely support this, since i think its a very low prio suggestion (for me)

but, I do agree with some points, like the crit chance, and the fact, that a complete golden item like that probably should not be sellable. since it makes no sense, you will never buy more than one. 

Doomb0t, any news?

I like the ideas, but since loot is so worthless except BPs, I am not sure of the usefulness of implementing this.

Doomb0t, any news?

I’ve already added it to the suggestion list, tomorrow i’ll discuss it with game-designers. 

I’ve already added it to the suggestion list, tomorrow i’ll discuss it with game-designers. 

What did you all decide to do?

Using Necromancy skill on this thread.

The optional part is genius, i dont want overlapping signals to stuff i dont have any use and that is kinda limiting my search in a big measure. A spatial scanner that shows everything without being able to isolate one type of a signal is a scanner that actually doesnt show anything worth while to begin with…

I think adding a hot key for filter of specific items is the way to go about your suggestion.

I also think revealing what the loot is would save me the time of picking it up if I don’t want it as most loot is not worth anything to me.


When are the DEVS gonna puts monos in these mysterious containers?


I am probably wasting my time here.

I would be satisfied with the filter for specific containers, pretty much satisfied with the loot scan-since it’s a scanner it should scan right? For now its a spatial RADAR, not a scanner, and for the monos, u’ll probably find dragonballs faster than monos lol. The monos would maybe be an overkill in open space but maybe if they make some more sectors, probably extremely dangerous given the fact u can farm monos there, combine that with the upcoming of the destroyers, u got special open space missions lol 

I’ll let myself out now…