Spatial Scanner can now find composite panels and xenocrystals

The [[Weekend Special]](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/32976-weekend-special-strengthen-your-fleet-more-credits-in-battle-discount-on-spatial-scanner-and-extended-hull/) in the news says :

“Pilots! Department of Space Research reminds you that Spatial Scanner can now find the components required to build ‘Ellydium’ ships: composite panels and xenocrystals.”


But there was no patch or upgrade of my SC game client.

Did somebody find some composite panels and xenocrystals in open space so far. I haven’t got any of these materials in OS yet. Would be interesting to hear a confirmation!


They are in mysterious containers


Yes, you need luck to find a mysterious container and luck to get xenos. I had this luck one or two weeks ago.

Yeah they added this feature with a patch a while ago just after the tharga came out.

Though with the scarcity of MC’s and rarity of Xenos, I highly doubt that you will find any sort of reliable gain from this. You may just find one or two per week. I get all of mine from weekly destroyer specops and from destroyer away missions.

I found a few xenos (like 3-4) in the last 1 week. but I think its pointless to go out to OS for check blue loot. its rare and had to find them. Its good if during the daily missions you keep the scanner on, you had chance to get some extra stuffs but its way easier to get them from pvp.

Definitely not worth it, that’s for sure!

Yea don’t waste your time there just do daily’s

Currently the spatial scanner is in the zone of not being useful very much, idk if thats going to change any time soon.

The spatial scanner could be useful again. It could increase chances of getting one selectable common resource from asteroids/transports (vanadium, osmium, graphite… ). Or it could add a chance (yeah I don’t like lottery, but that’s the usual in this game) to get iridium from asteroids/transports.

Hopefully the OS rework will fix that



… a bit buff in sensor range would do good, too!

… and a bit more reasonable content in the mysterious containers would please the curious open space miners also! (I found a screened batterý in a mysty cont. on the outskirts of the map … haha good joke)