Space Battle Movies

Hi, do some one have any tip on space battle movie not like star wars, star trek and battle star galatic



Uhh well the only thing I can think of at the moment is Star Ship Troopers but that isn’t all entirely space combat.

There are alot of animes that fit the bill though, you should try those. Gundam Wing has space combat in it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most movies are hit and miss.

well you have that old movie called space balls

Giving this old thread an unnecessary bump but the space battle in Iron Sky is quite cool! :smiley:

Try the movie “Battle Beyond the Stars.” It’s one of those B-movies where they were trying just hard to make it fun. It’s campy, but the space battles are top notch and there are actually a lot of interesting characters. It’s actually available streaming from netflix, if you have an account.

Stargate series are pretty fun to watch, personally I like Stargate Universe the most. If you like anime, I suggest you to watch Gunbuster, you won’t be disappointed.

Babylon 5

Star Tre… oh wait nvm

Wing Commander

SERENITY AND FIREFLY *insert wild teeny screams here*

Starship Troopers

Star Blazers and Space Battleship Yamato  as both series (along with already mentioned Gundam Wing) were clearly an inspiration for Star Conflict ship design ideas.

Nice and Cool!!!  :fighter:  hahaha…

I know this is about movies, but if you don’t mind reading a bit, the book Halo: Fall of Reach has some pretty sweet space battles in it. Of course, if the idea of reading a bunch of backstory on Halo & Masterchief causes violent retching you should probably stay away…

Space battle themed notable:




Outlaw Star

Cowboy bebop


Star Blazers

space pirate captain harlock (also getting an

some time soon.)



The Last Starfighter(old movie 1984)


thats all I can remember atm.

  1. “Space Truckers” 1996 (Director: Stuart Gordon)

IMDB page:

Not an epic battle movie, but it is funny and does have space battles.

  1. “Wing Commander” 1999 (Director: Chris Roberts)

IMDB page:

Okay, if name of Chris Roberts doesn’t spark recognition or interest, then, in all fairness, I must mention that this movie is quite “B-ish”

not an A-title… So, you were warned… oh well…


  1. “Raumpatrouille Orion” 1966– TV series

IMDB page:


Dunno who copied from who, but this launched simultaneously with “Star Trek”.

I wonder, why they didn’t collide in space with each other…


  1. Star Quest: “Beyond the Rising Moon” 1987 (Director: Philip J. Cook)

IMDB page:


  1. “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome” 2012 (Director: Jonas Pate)

IMDB page:


This is a TV movie – with all the effects of a limited budget.


  1. “Galactica” 1980– TV series

IMDB page:


  1. “Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning” 2005 (Director: Timo Vuorensola)

IMDB page:


  1. “Iron Sky” 2012 (Director: Timo Vuorensola)

IMDB page:


Entries 7 and 8 are comedies! And should be perceived as such…


Firefly (TV series) was mentioned above. Serenity, a feature film(?) is based upon Firefly series, but IMO, should be cautiously watched only after the series…

Other TV series that might be worthy of mention:

 – Flash Gordon;

 – Defying Gravity;

 – Battlestar Galactica;

 – Space: Above and Beyond;

 – Lexx;

 – Andromeda;


In 2013 watch out for:

“Ender’s Game” –



And… Well… This:

A “machinima” movie based on EVE…


Firefly… *sob* too soon


You will be depressed after findin out it got cancelled