Sometimes the Punisher.... just stops moving?

I’ve been in this situation alot, sometimes whem i’m playing PvE Blackwood Shipyard and trying to defeat the punisher.

The punisher… just stops moving for no reason? It feels like he can’t move at all, i think it might be a bug or something wrong.

But the punisher still uses his pulsar and his weapons.

What makes it stop moving?  :fed007:


He stops moving at random times, that’s been going on for a VERY long time, possibly since before 7.0. I don’t believe it’s a bug, it’s just… idk… his way of flying, I guess…

It’s a pathfinding bug. If he hits a wall he has all the chances of remaining stuck there trying to fly through it where the normal flight path of the ship would be, ignoring the existence of a collidable object. Happened only once to me by mistake, he got stuck on the top-most dreadnought structure trying to fly downwards orbiting me. When this happens gunships have enormous advantage at easily shooting it and ducking for cover anywhere close (just a few meters; very easy to solo when it happens).


Also concluding it’s an easy exploit… needs a look into. Good thing it’s PVE and not PVP at least.