Something is happening in Enclave territory


Looks like Jericho and Empire finally decided to counter Enclave’s attack by sending their force to occupy Enclave’s territory.
Sadly, Federation is struggling at Abandoned Ellydium Plant due to alien’s attack. (While Enclave also struggle because of aliens)

From here, this is my guess about future update:

While Empire and Jericho pushes Enclave away, Federation finally makes rank 17 destroyer and also hop into Enclave’s territory.
Since Enclave is being attacked from 3 factions at the same time, they decide to move all their forces away from their homeland and hide somewhere in a deep space.
After the war between 3 factions and Enclave ended, they face a new problem : Who will take the territory in the picture?

Empire claims Northern berth and Skeleton island as their territories, Jericho claims Skeleton island and Foul ground as their territories, and Federation claims Foul ground and Northern berth as their territories.
First they try to negotiate, but numerous breakdown of negotiations happened, and there goes a 3 faction warfare!
I’m really excited to see this happening.

So what do you think about this?
Will Enclave succeed defending their homeland or not?
Will 3 factions conflict happen in the Enclave’s territory?

Feel free to write down your comments.

The Empire was the first to begin invading pirate territory at Dreamland. And it was determined to be a trap iirc. I think the pirate’s hold on those sectors is a little more than some miscellaneous fringe forces from the factions can handle.