Someone just gifted you a drawing of yourself. How'd you feel?

So some background info… I’ve been told by random strangers who’ve seen me drawing that I’m really good at it. One time this old lady saw an older drawing I had done and her jaw dropped and she gave me a compliment. I could show you the picture later. Right now this issue is bothering me and I don’t feeling like turning on the computer and scanning the drawing (on mobile).

I met this girl 2 days ago on the 17th. She was very pretty. I drew the important parts of her face and the groupings of hair in about 4 minutes. Then I drew areas where shading, or lack of, would be. Later that day I went to a restuarant with some new aquaintences (is that how you spell it?) and they saw me finishing off the details of shading and hair. They said it was good. So it pretty much took me an hour to complete the portrait from start to finish.

I signed it then put the date “7/18/15” (I’d was just putting the finishing touches as I saw her again). By chance, today, my friends had sat behind her so so did I. I noticed she liked to doodle. Later, she and I had a very short conversation because I was in the background of her selfie wih her friend. I had a great mental debate within myself about whether or not to give her the drawing. It would be the first time I did something like that so I didn’t know what she’d think. I told myself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” and “Man up!”. I ended up placing it by her stuff while she wasn’t there. Her and her friend probably think that I drew it though. The acted friendly before I did that. Then they acted strange. I had a bus ride home with her friend and as I walked by I nodded and she ignored me. Maybe she saw, maybe she didn’t.

I won’t see the girl again for at least another year. But I’ll be thinking about it for a week. Why am I so stupid?

Now that I had a chance to relate the story and get it off my chest, comment on it and answer the title question (not the “Why an I so stupid?” question). Thanks for reading!

“It took me like three hours to finish the shading of your upper lip.” ~ Napoleon Dynamite

It could just be in your mind and now you are feeling really anxious because you were expecting results ;p

Honestly if you weren’t to see the girl again for a whole year, I would have given her the drawing. If she likes it good for you, if she finds it weird or w/e she would most likely forget it by the time you meet again. If you don’t risk you don’t win. 


Also show your drawings please. 


Also show your drawings please. 


I wish I can meet someone who can draw like this.







Also show your drawings please. 


Some portraits (zooming it to 50% shows actual size of drawing)



First portrait








Some cartoons





should have given it to her with a note in a corner:

"as a gift from me to you-


heh, i did that once too. give a girl a pic of herself i drew, but i did it face to face, however with other pretenses.

things like this are great memories, no matter how it turns out. time will tell. for a while, you might look back and whish you did different things, but after a while, what counts is what you remember doing.

i know that my feelings for that girl changed over time, the gesture still became an intimate sign of our friendship, also as it losened.

later on i did it again, to another girl, not learning from my mistakes.

this time by making a mosaic of butterflies creating a face, even if the work was rather just the collection of the sample pictures, and figuring out the command line tool of the software i used.

that story went on for a much much longer time, and after a long struggle of half a decade became something (really) nice :wink:

however, she forgot that picture completely, which i am glad about since its quite a kitsch, she only remembers the gesture.

i hope you see what i wanna tell you with this :slight_smile: it is going to be fine, however it comes.

what counts is, it was nice of you to draw her something. dont try to read into it, such things only become clear after time passes, anyway :wink:

thanks g4borg. I appreciate it.


are my drawings any good?



I wish I can meet someone who can draw like this.







I wish I could meet someone with an alpaca :frowning:


How you feel if you were the girl? What do you think of my drawings?

Can we get on-topic please? I know it’s hard but this is weighing heavily on my mind.

How you feel if you were the girl? What do you think of my drawings?


I expected more from what I read on the first paragraph, but they are not bad.

I would show her my work If I were you. Because why not. My 3d “m4d skillz” cant do anything organic so I cant do anything like you so, I would give a shot.

Someone just gifted you a drawing of yourself. How’d you feel?


I wouldn’t feel much of anything, except for wondering why I was chosen as the subject, possibly resulting in an interesting conversation about how other people see me.


However, you don’t want to know how we would feel about a picture of ourself. You want to know how she feels about your picture of her. And there is good news and bad news about it:

The good news is that you know who has the answer to that question. So you know whom to ask if you decide you want to know. If you have mutual friends, they might give you a little hint without the need to approach her directly.

The bad news is that people often don’t respond very well to honest questions of this type and prefer smalltalk about meaningless things. From my experience, women tend to be more dodgy than men. At least it is that way with the people I have met so far (I’m in my early 30s).


So what are your options? You can either do something about it, or you can just wait and do nothing and let it solve itself. In the end, both work and solve the “acting weird” problem, in one way or another, sooner or later. It’s more a matter of what you want. Do you want answers? If yes, then there is no way around talking, because she is the only one who knows.


Should you decide to talk to her/them, be prepared and ask yourself first:

What do I feel about the picture?

What do I feel about her/them?

What exactly is bothering me so much?

What do I want?


Be aware that the answers don’t need to be big ones. “Nothing” or “I don’t know” are perfectly fine answers. Every answer is ok, you just need to know yourself and be ok with sharing the answers, before you demand answers from others.

Chances are that she avoids talking about the incident because she doesn’t want to hurt you, or herself. But if you know yourself and what you want, and are friendly and not pushing the issue too hard, then there is a good chance she’ll risk it and tell you.


But whatever you do, remember one thing: be who you are, not who you think you are supposed to be. There is no such thing as “maning up”. Don’t worry, everyone is a mess inside. You are not different than any of us, neither is she.

If you sacrifice yourself to be someone who you aren’t, misery will be the only thing you’ll find.


And to prevent you from ending up all depressed with my last sentence, here is one of the many wonders of this world:

I think the whole concept - the symbolism - that someone devoted their time to actually portray someone and then give it to this person is just beautiful. But what do I know, I’m just a dreamer and I tend to romanticize the meaning and values of certain contexts. 

So I guess I’ll just my drawings here… Anyone else is welcome to do the same if they want.


It’s so hard try to get the shading to smooth out instead of being blotchy. Anyone got any tips?



So I guess I’ll just my drawings here… Anyone else is welcome to do the same if they want.

Small portraits done in a few minutes





Detailed portraits based on photographs







Very nice. How long have you been drawing?


Any tips you wanna give so i can improve. I’ve been using regular line paper and staples 2 HB pencil.